Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 3, Episode 7 – “Assassin” – Ahsoka’s Visions


       “The Assassin” is a good Ahsoka episode as we see again why she is Anakin’s apprentice and how similar they are in their abilities. The one thing confusing about this episode is the announcer begins the episode saying Aurra Sing is dead when she clearly is not given she is the Assassin of the episodes title. That wasn’t done very well on the writers part.

    The episode was directed by Kyle Dunlevy and written by Katie Lucas and Drew Z. Greenberg.

    The episode begins with Ahsoka at the Temple haunted by visions that Padme is going to be killed. This leads to her volunteering for guard duty during the Refugee Conference as she questions her feelings on whether the visions are real or if she is simply being ruled by fear.

The Pros: The Conference – The conference is on the refugees and it is wonderful hearing Padme’s story about how the events of Episode I shaped her to be aware of those who had nothing and the plight of when her own people were refugees due to the Trade Federation.

The Pre-Rebellion Members – Organa, Mothma and Padme are all the Senators taking part in the conference and in the case of Organa and Mothma future members of the Rebellion. This is a good episode that explores their roots and their standing up for the vulnerable against that which is out of their control.

Aurra Sing – She manages to injure both Ahsoka and Padme showing that she actually is a really good assassin.

Padme – Padme is explored as a character and we see that she won’t back down against threats. It lends power to her words and we see why Ahsoka has so much respect for her.

Ahsoka – Ahsoka is growing in force abilities and we see more of Anakin’s arrogance in her and also his fear for those close to him. She is very un-Jedi that way and cares deeply for those close to her, she has attachment which only Aayla has talked to her about. I like that she does have attachment as it makes her compelling.

Okay: Ziro the Hutt – Ziro was behind everything as he wanted revenge for Padme locking him up. He revealed his plan way to easily though but I hope he is still used to good affect. The Huts so far have not been a good threat at all.

  This was an enjoyable episode that explored Padme and Ahsoka really well and also brought us back to Ziro and showed that even though he is in prison, he is still a political player in the Clone Wars.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

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