Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot” – Bringing the War to Skynet

Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot

    The “Sarah Connor Chronicles” Pilot is good. It isn’t great as at times it lags and there are some characters who don’t feel fully fleshed out yet, but when it comes to the leads of Sarah, John and Cameron I am drawn in and curious to see how their story unfolds in their war against Skynet and stopping it from becoming a reality.

     The pilot was directed by David Nutter and written by Josh Friedman.

    The story involves Sarah Connor who is on the run with John Connor from the Terminators that continue to hunt them. Things come to a head when the FBI tracks Sarah Connor to New Mexico around the time of the arrival of the Terminator Cameron who has arrived to protect and an enemy Terminator sent to kill John Connor.

The Pros: John Connor – Thomas Dekker does alright. I believe he is stressed and doesn’t want to be the savior of humanity. He is a kid in high school who has never gotten the chance to live or be in a relationship. This gives him a reason to want to end the fight with Skynet as soon as possible as he understands that his Mom is the warrior, he’s just the survivor.

Cameron – This Terminator has the problem of Pops in “Genisys” where we don’t know who designed her or for what purpose beyond protecting John and Sarah Connor. She is a great character and Summer Glau gives the character a lot of life as well as making her feel dangerous and a threat, as well as having humanity about her too. It is the time machine a mysterious engineer built that sends them to the time of Skynet’s creation in 2007.

Sarah Connor – Lena Headey is wonderful as the overprotective mom with a major edge as she is willing to do anything to protect her son but is worried that everything she does is pushing him away. This makes her both strong and vulnerable and compelling to watch. She also is driven and is willing to trust Cameron to take her and John to the future to destroy Skynet before it can be born.

The Plan – Trusting an unknown Engineer Sarah, Cameron and John travel to 2007 to try and stop Skynet before it is born. I like the idea as it is the first time we see jumping into the future with Time Travel in this series which isn’t used again until “Genisys.”

Okay: The Terminator of the Pilot – He’s generic but tough. Not even Cameron can kill him and it takes an Isotopic weapon she has hiding in the vault combined with the energy of the Time Machine to finally kill it.

The Cons: Pacing – Pacing starts out slow and reflective but picks up once Cameron joins the team. After that it is a race against the FBI and the Terminator to get into the vault and be transported to the future.

   The Pilot is promising as we have yet to find out who is now building Skynet and with that have mystery as well as a reason for Sarah, John and Cameron to fight and something to drive the plot for the next two seasons. Within this there is the fight with destiny and if they can stop it or if the  Skynet’s rise is inevitable and the most they can do is limit the future threat. Regardless, excited to see what they do.

Final Score: 8 / 10

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