Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1, Episode 3 – “The Turk” – Reasons to Care


     This was an episode that had a good idea in exploring how the Connors are becoming more akin to Terminators like Cameron as they are either forced or are going about ending life that is a potential threat, but it isn’t fully explored which is why I can’t call it a great episode. The FBI is still pretty blank too as far as characterization and drama goes as well.

   The episode was directed by Paul Edwards and written by John Wirth.

   The story involves Sarah’s investigation of Andy Goode, a possible creator of Skynet who has a chess A.I. called the Turk as Cameron and John experience drama at school and Cameron’s protection of John leads to choices that show the cost of remaining hidden.

The Pros: Andy Goode – Andy is an awkward nerd who is passionate about chess and A.I. I like his interactions with Sarah as he comes off as genuine and someone who could be a friend after even if the relationship never worked.

Sarah Connor – Sarah is faced with a dilemma that isn’t answered at the end of the episode as “The Turk” A.I. has the potential to become Skynet but Any is good person. This leaves her torn on what to do especially after John denounces her and Cameron for their disregard for human life in their pursuit of their final end.

Cameron – Cameron is great at trying to blend in but just making situations worse as she takes everything literally. Her protecting John, though it makes sense also pushes her further away from her charge, just as Sarah’s actions have done.

John Connor – John cares for life and it is a huge carry over from “Terminator 2” where he taught the T-800 as much. Future John is obviously not as concerned as Cameron keeps him from saving a girl about to jump from the building and this leads him to calling out Cameron and Sarah on them becoming Terminators so what’s the point of the war?

Okay: Cromartie – He kidnaps a scientist to grow him a new skin, and that is cool and it is great seeing Cromartie’s true metal interior but still doesn’t feel fully like a threat. He’s just kind of there.

   The issue of choosing to take a life and how it makes one like a Terminator is never fully explored and that’s what brings the episode down the most, though all the characters get some great exploration and I’m curious to see how and if they change over the course of this and next season.

Final Score: 8.2 / 10

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