Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1, Episode 7 – “The Demon Hand” – Revelations


     This is one of the more messed up episodes that has Detective Ellison in the “Sarah Chronicles” version of the “X-Files.” From dealing with crazy people and seeing “the dead” he is faced with rethinking and once more considering all his assumptions. We also get some great exploration of Cameron as a character and Derek too (though I still dislike the guy). This was an episode that showed the power of choices and captured one of the first real themes of the show.

     “The Demon Hand,” was directed by Charles Breeson and written by Toni Graphia.

     The story involves Dr. Ellison and his investigation with the Terminator hand and it leading him to Dr. Silberman (the Psychiatrist keeping Sarah Connor looked up in “T2”) and extreme events that happen from there. Cameron takes up ballet and Derek continues to be hostile to the Connors.

The Pros:  Dr. Silberman – This guy went insane after seeing Arnold in action and realized just e Show wrong he was about “Judgment Day.” To this end we see him test to see if Ellison is a Teminator and later trying to kill him to protect Sarah. He is messed up and ends up at the same facility he had kept Sarah in.

Sarah Connor – In this we see that Sarah is not Derek Reese. She lives for more than the war and rescues Ellison from the fire Silberman starts, which begins proving his assumptions about her wrong (including the one she was dead). This was a huge moment for her as is her defense of Cameron who is much more stable than the loose cannon Derek who lives with only hate.

Agent Ellison – This is Ellison’s arc and shows how he is coming around to seeing Sarah’s point of view. We also see that he is a man of faith and that is what helps him deal with nearly dying to Silberman. I really like the character now and hope he survives the series. He isn’t static and changes by what he learns and experiences.

Cameron – Cameron like Ellison changes from circumstances. She defends a woman from a gangster, learns ballet and how to improvise and we see her acting out of what could be deemed empathy. It’s a great arc and no wonder it causes Derek to cry.

When Machines become Human – Cameron changes, just like Ellison. From her protecting others, doing more than just orders and her way of relating to others. She is an A.I. and not simply a Terminator bent on the destruction of her enemy.

Okay: Derek Reese – The guy is filled with hate with a few moments of awe towards Cameron’s humanity but he still feels so raw. I like Ellison, I don’t like Derek….he would almost work better as an antagonist on the other side, not an ally.

Derek was the weakest part of this episode, but I now consider it a favorite. The work done with Sarah, Cameron and Ellison carries this as we see characters truly change, be faced with difficult trials and come out of them better people than they were before. This is the show at it’s best.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

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