Sword Art Online – Episode 7 – “Warmth of the Heart” – Relationships are Complicated

SAO Episode 7

     This was an alright “Sword Art Online,” it introduces us to Lisbeth who is a weapons master who creates a weapon that is used in a later episode. The disadvantage is that it kind of shows within this world all romantics interests revolve around Kirito. Kirito is good in some ways but he also has issues in how he treats others, even if he aims are good. He will steal another’s agency if he feels they aren’t strong enough to face a Boss.

 The story involves Kirito going to Lisbeth to get a rare weapon made. Together they go to a higher level and end up being trapped in the lair of the boss but finding what they were looking for in the process. From here it is dealing with their feelings and finding a way out of the lair alive with the metal they need for the weapon.

The Pros: Asuna – Asuna is Lisbeth’s friend who recommends Kirito to her in the first place. She is truly a good friend too as she has her back throughout the entire episode and stands up to anything Kirito might have done.

X’rphan the Wyrm – Sweet looking Boss. Basically a giant Ice Dragon that Kirito does not end up killing.

Lisbeth – She is a pretty awesome blacksmith who has a pretty solid amount of respect for herself. Kirito shows her how she can be better and she is good at standing up to him and later through their adventure together wants to be his exclusive blacksmith. She finds her self respect again after getting past her crush of him and is off to finding herself is awesome and just being friends, so that was good to see. I just wish she could have helped in the fight. Kirito does everything.

Kirito – Kirito is a dick, even if he means to protect people he also has a habit of being a dick in the process rather than using people’s skills to help beat the boss…unless they are Asuna. He is a good guy at his core but he still has ways to go to get over the people he has lost.

Cons: Everyone Loves Kirito – There are quite a few characters who are essentially love interests of Kirito. I guess this is part of being a main character in an anime but it is super annoying. This is the 3rd character and I really hope there aren’t more. Kirito needs to be reminded of his humanity not how good he is at the game.

  This was an enjoyable episode, though the fact that every women has been in love with Kirito or an antagonist is troubling. Definitely an overall problem with anime as a whole. I still really liked how she was able to move past him though, even though Kirito really annoyed me a bit sometimes in this episode. Still, I’d recommend if you are enjoying the show so far.

Final Score: 7 / 10


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