Preparation for “Hannibal” Finale – These are My Designs


      What a glorious ride and morbid ride this show has been. Rarely have I seen television keep up this consistent of quality from beginning to end, as it was not lack of quality that lead to this show getting canceled. As of right now I’m watching the Finale and a review will be upcoming later, but first I wanted to show some of the dishes I made in honor of the show. Here they are.:


   Chilton’s Lie or Gift from the Red Dragon. Inspired by events that happened this season.

Made with bacon, cabbage, beans, okra and onions.


Alana Bloom. Steak with an assortment of veggies for Alana Bloom’s blooming heart.

Steak, onions, tomatoes, pepper, red wine, green beans and carrots.


Verger’s Death, inspired by the mid-season finale.

Pork, garlic, red wine, peppers, Tilapia.


For Dessert – Will Graham

90% Dark Chocolate, graham cracker, homemade strawberry syrup and a fresh strawberry on top.

  Upcoming reviews will be of Season 3 of “Hannibal” as well as an overview of the show as a whole. Curious to hear your thoughts as well and if your a fan dishes you might have made too.

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