Rick and Morty Pilot – Season 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot” – Twisted Hilarity

Rick and Morty Pilot

    “Rick and Morty” is a darkly comedic satire of the sci. fi. genre and “Back to the Future.” From Rick basically being an even more unhinged Doc Brown and Morty being a more realistic take on if Marty were an actual high school student. Suffice to I really enjoyed the pilot and I plan on reviewing more episodes from “Rick and Morty” in the future.

    “The Pilot” is about Morty being pulled onto an adventure with his Grandfather Rick. This has been going on for a while and things come to ahead when his parents find out he has been missing a lot of school after Morty and Rick make an escape through Inter-dimensional security to return home.

The Pros: The Adventure – The adventure involves going to a planet to get seeds that Rick needs for research. From here they face monsters, bureaucrats and end facing Morty’s parents and one another throughout the mission as Morty is clearly Rick’s pawn.

The Jokes – The jokes are awesome! From the Bureaucratic Insects being called Robots and it being revealed they are sentient, to Morty having to sneak in the seeds through his but and Rick interacting with anyone. Also Rick freezes Morty’s bully and he later breaks and we see Morty’s sister Summer had a crush on the bully.

Morty’s Parents – Beth and Jerry are wonderful. Beth is a horse surgeon caring for her Grandad while Jerry feels insecure around Rick and is worried about his son as he explodes about him being special needs at the end but shows empathy after. They have a great dynamic as they are in a failing marriage where Jerry has no awareness of others.

Rick – Rick is a sociopath who has gone mad from how brilliant he is in hopping through dimensions and comprehending and living in a whole bunch of realities. This makes him cruel to others when he is able to solve the problems he causes really quick, like healing Morty’s broken legs. The thing is he has to be told to help others though as he is so obsessed with the missions, the big picture of adventure and his own interests.

Morty – Morty is a high schooler with special needs and is a great guy. He is kind but still is able to stand up to himself to Rick. He hasn’t stood up to his parents yet but I won’t be surprised if that happens later as his arc is becoming more assertive and setting what boundaries he can with Rick.

   This was a great episode that does a good job establishing the conflict between characters and the worlds that our characters live in. We see the brilliance of Rick, the conflict between Beth and Jerry and Morty just trying to survive as he is going through adventure so much larger than his small world in High School.

Final Score: 9.4 / 10

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