Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 4 – “M Night Shaym-Aliens!” – The Tragedy of Jerry and the Long Con


     This is an episode that I had to watch a second time to really appreciate. It is actually pretty brilliant in how it manages to be meta and shed a light on itself and some of it’s own tropes it has (Rick being able to solve everything and we also see just how miserable and broken Jerry is in his small life and it’s wonderful how they do it.

     The premise involves aliens trying to trick Rick into giving up the recipe for Concentrated Dark Matter so they can travel quickly through anywhere in the Universe, this involves an elaborate con that Jerry was pulled into as well but never sees until it comes crashing down around him.

The Pros: Zigerions – These guys are wonderful, they are like one big corporate family and the big boss thanks all his workers when they have what he believes to be a successful con. Their fear of private parts is wonderful too in that it makes those who are trying to trick them uncomfortable. I hope we see these guys again even after what goes down.

The Long Con – The Long Con involves Rick eventually telling Morty the recipe, though it is the wrong one as he cons the cons and they end up destroying themselves, though they win in a way as he is having trouble trusting reality after.

The Tragedy of Jerry – Jerry is a sad small man who feels inadequate around everyone. The one time he thinks his stupid marketing scheme for Apples is a success he confesses to be a fraud and can’t see everyone around him is clearly fake and an illusion, the illusion is the only joy he has in his life and his wife being a doll and him making love to her is the only time he’s ever had good sex showing that before he never did…which is sad considering he’s had two kids. Beth is probably in a similar place, no wonder their marriage is falling apart.

Rick -Rick being suspicious comes to be a great advantage in this episode, but even he can’t see past the illusion of Morty until the very end and is only able to get back at being conned by lying about the recipe. After he drunkingly questions the real Morty leaving him afraid…his instability with good intentions come out in this episode.

   This is an episode I’d recommend, though it may take a second watch to truly appreciate. Jerry is hard character to root for and it took watching it twice to really get how hopeless his character is. I think Morty is much better for carrying an episode though, Rick is a sad man but he isn’t all that smart or complex.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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