Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 5 – “Meeseeks and Destroy” – When Help Goes Too Far and the Dark Side of Fantasy


    This episode is hilarious, dark and depressing but manages to have some good payoff for all the characters by the end, which is an element of the show. The writers know how to craft a good narrative and this is one of the best episodes there has been so far.

     The story involves Rick giving the family a Meeseeks Box which leads to the Meeseeks being summoned to solve problems for the family, but they soon find Jerry’s problem is impossible leading to a rampage while elsewhere Morty’s fantasy adventure where he chooses the place doesn’t go the way he planned.

The Pros: The Meeseeks – The Meeseeks are hilarious as each one says, “I’m Mr. Meeseeks!” In a loud and annoying voice and just want to help as existence is painful for them. This leads to trouble when they can’t solve Jerry’s problem. It is after they take hostages that he figures out his swing and resolves a conflict with Beth are her Meeseeks had helped her realize the marriage wasn’t working.

Beth – Beth is alone and isn’t appreciated by Jerry at all to the point that she becomes attracted to her Meeseeks before he goes away as his purpose is solved. She later resolves to try and solve the marriage issues and helps Jerry find his confidence.

Jerry – Jerry goes through a greater loss of control as the Meeseeks are unable to help him. This leads to things getting tense with Beth and them later fighting and resolving things as he finds his confidence and saves the hostages.

The Fantasy Arc – The fantasy arc is dark as the World of the Giants (a play on “Jack and the Beanstalk”) involves them being caught in a Giant’s house when he falls and dies, though their Giant Lawyer rescues them. Morty fights off a rape later as Rick finally enjoys being in this world as he wins a lot of gold that he uses to help Morty feel better by giving it to all the villagers they’d helped in the first place. When the villager’s king is the rapist Mr. Jellybean he escapes with Rick but the portal opens again so Rick can end the monster.

Rick and Morty – Rick learns to appreciate fantasy and find fun on any adventure while Morty realizes that the world can be a dark chaotic place…though in the end they find balance and even justice.

   This is an episode where nothing goes as planned, but the payoff that Morty gets in regards to his rapist getting murdered by Rick once he figures out what happens is rewarding, as well as his successful fighting of him off. This is an episode that shows the darker underbelly of things and the chaos of the world and universe. Our characters face the horrors and end up growing.

Final Score: 10 / 10

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