Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 7 – “Raising Gazorpazorp” – Cultural Stereotypes and No Substance


     “Raising Gazorpadorp” is one of the weaker episodes I have watched so far. The Gazorpians are just stereotypes and we never see much character development but Summer who actually gets to go on an adventure! There are great ideas here, especially with Morty becoming a father, but it doesn’t end up going anywhere.

    The story involves Morty being bought a sex robot he wants that leads to him accidently creating a child with it that is half-Gazorpian. Summer and Rick go to the planet and find Male Gazorpians are only violence while the women are a calm, peaceful and violent society in their own right.

The Pros: Summer – Summer figures out the Female Gazorpians quickly and saves her and risk by their initial compliment of her top she was wearing be the key thing. She shows she is a could companion in this and saves them.

Rick – Rick deals with his sexism in this and it is implied that he will adventure with Summer in the future as she did save his life. He is hilarious in this too with how much of a rebel he is to anyone around him and the fact that his first thought is to kill Morty Jr. and his sarcastic comments about naming “it” are pretty funny.

Okay: Morty and Morty Jr. – Morty’s son wants to conquer the world like all Gazorpian males and his arc is becoming an artist in the end and making peace with his dad Morty. It was predictable and just wasn’t all that funny. It felt contrived.

The Parents – Jerry and Beth act passive agressive to Morty as Morty is seen as Jerry’s failure and Summer as Beth’s failure so Morty is expected to fail and Jerry gives Morty an “I told you so.” When Morty Jr. goes on a rampage.

The Cons: The Gazorpians – They are just stereotypes (women hate farts and are passive aggressive, men are aggressive and obsessed with sex) and it doesn’t go anywhere. I never felt the jokes paid off.

This is an episode that isn’t really needed. The only reason I could see for watching this is Summer makes a good travel and adventure companion for Rick and helps him grow in regards to his sexism. Besides that, you aren’t missing that much.

Final Score: 4 / 10

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