Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 10 -“Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” – Behind Every Rick There is a Morty

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

“Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” is easily one of the strongest episodes of the series, and also one of the darkest. In this we see the depths our Rick will go to use people and also how underneath it all he does care about Morty. It’s really well done and the dark of the episode makes the light moments our characters get all the more powerful.

    The story involves the Council of Rick’s arresting our Rick for the murder of Ricks in other dimensions. When our Rick escapes to find the real culprit a hunt goes on for him as the Rick’s hang out in the Rick C-137’s Dimension with his family. The Rick behind it all is later found but all is not as it appears to be.

The Pros: Jerry and Doofus Rick – Doofus Rick is really kind and sweet and he becomes best friends with Jerry as they both aren’t very bright and are bullied by all the other Ricks. They have a lot tender moments building things and talking before Doofus Rick eventually has to go. This was a great mini-arc as Jerry finally connected to a Rick.

Beth and the Ricks – The Ricks love Beth and Beth loves the Ricks as they all compliment her and we clearly see that there is no one Rick loves more in the world than Beth, no matter what dimension he’s in.

Evil Rick – Evil Rick is messed up as we see him torture Mortys to mask his signal and we learn of his plan to drain our Rick of his memories so he can become smarter and continue doing his own thing. Eventually the Morty’s turn on him after our Morty frees him and he is beaten to death.

The Morty’s – The Morty’s have a religion and live in despair and pain (the one’s trapped by the Evil Rick) but when our Morty comes he is seen as the Good Morty and liberates them from Evil Rick and Morty. It’s a powerful scene and we learn later when we find out Evil Morty is behidn it all that though the Morty’s are seen as stupid they have more potential than the Rick’s pretend them to have. They are more than cloaking devices for the Ricks (which is how our Rick explains the role of a Morty to be).

Our Rick and Morty – Morty doesn’t trust Rick through much of this episode as he learns just how twisted so many of the Rick’s are and how they just use Morty as a cloaking tool from their enemies. After he and the Morty’s save Rick though they reach some sort of balance as our Rick calls him “The Mortiest Morty,” since he’s the “Rickiest Rick.”

Evil Morty – Evil Morty was behind it all and is a twisted guy who is still out there. He was willing to torture his own selves in order to hunt down and kill Rick’s and was controlling Evil Rick all along. Whatever plot he has further down the line, will not be good. What an awesome villain.

This is one of my favorite episodes and shows just how twisted and wonderful this show can get. We get to see the psychology of Morty and Rick further as they get contrasted with the ones from other dimensions and we find just how much of a hero our Morty truly is as well as the fact that Evil Morty is still out there and was twisted enough to torture other versions of himself in order to hunt down and kill Ricks.

Final Score: 10 / 10 Perfect episode.

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