Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 8 – “Rixty Minutes” – Summer and Morty and the Improv Show


      “Rixty Minutes” is mostly an improv clip show with some great character moments inbetween. It feels very improvised, including the end which Morty actually references inside the episode! This is brilliant but the format brings it down as well as the fact that not all the comedy acts are good.

       The story involves Rick installing a dimensional device onto the television that allows them to watch shows from other realities which leads to Jerry and Beth seeing the life they might have had without Summer and Summer dealing with being the outsider and viewed as a mistake.

The Pros: Some of the Skits – The Skits are super random, you have a “Ants in his eyes,” a guy a play of the “A-Team” and a few other shows too as well as Jerry appearing as an actor in some films. They mostly work and are funny.

Summer and Morty – Summer feels unloved after she learns she might have been aborted and that her mom had thought about it leading to her ready to run away until Morty shows her the graves in the backyard and tells her about he and Rick destroyed the other reality. It’s a powerful scene and the first time Morty opens up.

Rick – Rick references prior episodes and is detached watching tv the entire time. His complete non-chalateness is wonderful and he’s the only sane person as the egos around him go crazy. Morty is also sane too.

Okay: Jerry and Beth – These two just weren’t that funny. There were popular and successful in their alternate realities but completely alone and in the end they come together in that alternate reality too. It felt like a play on romantic comedies, and I liked the moment of them in the alternate reality getting together, but beyond that it was the weakest part of the episode.

This was a good episode brought down mostly by the format. You can only do some much with randomness. It was funny, which made it good and there were some good character moments, but it was mostly skits, giving it an almost “Family Guy” like feel.

Final Score: 8 / 10

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