Rick and Morty – Season 2, Episode 6 – “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” – The Brilliance and Sociopathy of Rick and his Car


    “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” shows just how detached Rick is from sentient life. In this we see him commit genocide by default once and threaten just for something as small as keeping his car running. This really is the “Rick is a dick” episode but it is done really well as we get to meet a lot of interesting characters who I could see being used later.

    The story involves Rick’s car stopping forcing him and Morty go shrink and go into the microverse he created where he has a populace running his battery by creating electricity. It is here he leans Zeep (Stephen Colbert) is doing the same thing as he goes about trying to stop him. Elsewhere Rick’s car goes to extremes to keep Summer safe as she tries to force it to keep her safe through peaceful means.

The Pros: Rick’s Car – Rick’s Car is a lot like Hal9000 where it doesn’t care about sentient life at all and only when it can’t do psychological warfare or outright warfare does it broker a peace treaty from the Mind Spiders and Humans of that dimension finally putting Summer at peace. The car is a great character.

Summer – Summer is shown to have a soul as she doesn’t want the car to harm or kill innocents or for people to be psychologically manipulated (the car recreates someone’s dead son at one point). She and the car finally reach a cold peace when it negotiates peace between the two factions on the planet.

The Running Joke – The running Joke is each Microverse has a Microverse with a scientist creating another one so electricity won’t be needed in their verse. It ends when the scientist in Zeep’s microverse kills himself seeing his life as lie and after Rick destroying that Microverse battery. The joke is each scientist is using an unknowing populace to power their planet so it’s slavery with more steps…with each scientist calling the scientist in the following microverse out.

Zeep – Zeep is wonderful and Colbert does a great job as a guy who is as smart as Rick and fights to the bitter end and even ends up surviving. Hoping he finds a way out of the battery and that we will see him again. He chose to fight back when he realized that his species was enslaved making him rather cool. Plus Colbert is wonderful in his voice acting role.

Morty – Morty is angry as Zeep and Rick fighting and calls them out for slavery but in the end he just puts up with it after his idealism is killed living among the savage Tree People who he thinks they are the worst because of their worship of Gods, lack of hygiene, ect.

Rick – Rick is shown to be a sociopath in this to a huge degree as he destroys a universe and holds another universe hostage just so he can run his car. We know Rick cares about his family and what few friends he has but that is about it…and this episode really illustrates that fact.

   This is one of the best episodes by far and one I’d highly recommend. We see just how dark rick is in regards to others and also to some degree why he is the way he is as Morty goes crazy when he’s living among the Tree People and realizes how much he values and needs technology. Zeep is also a great character and I hope we see him again.

Final Score: 10 / 10

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