Sinister (2012): A Great Horror Film Capturing Innocence Lost and the Boogie Man


      “Sinister” is a favorite horror film for me now. This is a film that does a good job at building the tension and having a lot of beautifully crafted haunting scenes as well as having a good antagonist who has a unique design. This is the film that kicks off the October Film watching which is going to be largely horror in themed as later I plan on reviewing “Crimson Peak” as well as some old Classic Horror Films.

    “Sinister” was written and directed by Scott Derrickson with the other writer being C. Robert Cargill and produced by Jason Blum and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones.

   The story involves Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) moving his family into a house where a grisly hanging took place. After he discovers film of different families slaughtered in different ways while being followed by a character called “Mr. Boogie” as he tries to solve the mystery of the murders and protect his family.

The Pros: Cinematography – The cinematography is beautiful and does a good job at establishing tone and tension so that we are given great rising action over the course of the film. Christopher Norr did a great job.

Mr. Boogie’s Videos – The videos are haunting and each of them has a theme and a missing child who films and kills their family for Mr. Boogie. They are all haunting, especially the initial one that has the family hung from a tree all together.

The Ghosts – The children who Mr. Boogie has already consumed are haunting. They look undead and you see them harass Oswalt at one point as they are running around his house and it than we learn that Mr. Boogie has chosen his daughter to be the next creator of his will. The kids are really creepy and haunting.

Mr. Boogie/Bughuul – Mr. Boogie is an obscure Babylonian God who took blood sacrafices and consumed children. That is the reason that there is a kid missing and why the family ends up dead as the blood sacrifice is for him and after he consumes the soul of the Child making another ghost to do his will. He’s super creepy and looks like an Insane Clown Posse member in a suit.

Okay: The Oswalts – The Oswalts are expendable though for what it’s worth I cared about what happened to them a little bit, even though it was Ellison’s stupidity of trying to make another great true crime novel and him not getting help until it was too late that lead to his end. He was doing all the horror film stupidity, this is why I can’t put the family as a pro.

  This is a film that I’d recommend if you like horror films. There is great tone and tension building and Mr. Boogie and his ghosts are some pretty amazing antagonists as what they do is horrifying and I did not see the ending coming, so it was a great surprise. I don’t know if the sequel is any good but the trailer makes it looks like it missed the tone and slow building of tension that made the horrific events payoff.

Final Score: 8,8 / 10

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