Thoughts on “The X-Files” Before I Review Its Return

The X Files

      After a long hiatus “The X-Files” is finally returning! This is a show that I think died for good reasons as the show had truly lost it’s way and missed so much of what made it good. I am looking forward to seeing what happens as I only made it through Season 2 before things got a bit too crazy and all the supernatural X-Files that were never brought up again eventually made it to hard for me to take seriously as a drama (“Supernatural” has a similar problem) and the fact that the answer is never answered. Part of what makes a mystery great is solving it, and we never have a false X-File, which made Scully’s role almost meaningless, especially since that is the entire point of Scully and Mulder is to find the truth. We never got that in any meaningful way.

    It was for these reasons that I stopped watching the show so long ago, even though I love the premise and am going to give it another chance. The first 2 Seasons on the myth arc were largely gold and now that this show has had to time think and re-cooperate we can continue to grow with the characters as the characters have always been the strongest part of the show.

    Whether it’s the Cigarette Smoking Man, Skinner, Deep Throat, X and Mulder and Scully…these characters were what really made it compelling as how they related to one another under both love and fear kept me watching and why I am giving it another chance. This show knew how to write characters.

   Eventually I will do a re-watch from the beginning, especially if Season 10 sells me that even the filler episodes and filler Myth arc were leading somewhere and had enough to stand on. When there was a great mystery or one shot story it really stood out and the myth arc when it worked, really worked and that is where greatness has the chance to happen again in this show. Well, the truth is out there. Let’s find out what the truth of this show is.

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