“RWBY” Season 2 – The Stakes Rise

RWBY Season 2

    “RWBY” Season 2 manages to be a better story than the first as all our main characters get explored, we are introduced to more characters and we see the villains in action outside of stealing Dust. I severely enjoyed this season and will into more depth further in the review.

    Team RWBY is in year 2 and goes on the first away mission with Professor Oobleck. From here more of the villains main plot is revealed as our characters must face this newest challenge.

The Pros: The Animation – The animation continues to be stunning and one of the best aspects of this show. There isn’t really anything like it so it gives the whole show it’s own character that can’t really be found in any other anime or animated show.

The Soundtrack – The soundtrack continues to be wonderful and epic and really captures the magic of this world. Jeff and Casey Lee Williams did a great job.

The Action – This is a show that knows how to fight scenes and establish rivalries between characters. In this we see some of the rivalries still to come get explored as well as a great fight between Ruby and Roman.

The Characters – This is a character driven show and in this the cast is expanded and explored as we get to see some more relationships and what they do.

Professor Oobleck – Oobleck is the fast talking teacher who we see help Team RWBY to find their motivations for why they fight, as it is with him they go on a mission to explore the conspiracy from last season. In the end we see his weapon is his thermos which can also turn into a flamethrower. He became one of my favorite characters after this season.

General Ironwood – This is the series where see Ironwood and Atlas take control of a city to fight back a Grimm invasion. It is powerful and we see that this was all part of Cinder’s plan as she is using the Grimm for her own ends. The population is saved, but fear has grown and the military is in control.

Professor Ozpin – Ozpin’s goals are still a mystery, though he does let Team RWBY leave with Oobleck to investigate the problem so he seems to believe in heroes as a way to stop the Darkness and the Grimm. They are the main characters so his trust is most likely well founded.

Penny – Penny appears again (she appeared briefly last season) and we learn about her life as an A.I. and how torn she is about her nature as she can make choices and has passions but can’t help but see herself like an enforcer even though she represents her organization as so much more too. Her friendship with Ruby is really touching as well as Ruby doesn’t see any difference between them.

Weiss – Weiss has mellowed out a lot this season and we see how deeply she cares for Blake. Her and Neptune kind of have a thing as well and we see that she is avoiding talking to her family. Weiss is seeking to redeem the evil actions of her family and the business they own and that is a major motivation of why she is a hunter.

Blake -Blake is explored more in this as we see that she has become driven with taking out the White Fang to the point that she’s grown distant from her friends. It isn’t until Blake tells her about her obsession with finding her own mother that she understands and mellows out knowing it is okay to live and still follow those goals. Blake is driven by her sense of justice to become a hunter just as that is a huge part of why she was a part of the White Fang. We also see her take out Roman and the Faunus who nearly defeats Weiss.

Pyrrah – Pyrrah is shown to be a great friend in this as she helps Jaune find honesty in his feelings and after he gets over Weiss their friendship grows. She also is shown to be one of the best fighters and easily the strongest in the school.

Yang – Yang is explored in this as we see her mom left her and she’s been seeking her this entire time. She is also beaten by Neapolitan (one of Cinder’s Team) but is saved by her mother Raven. We also see that thrill seeking is why she wants to become a hunter but there are other reasons too.

Ruby – Ruby is driven by an overwhelming sense of justice and hunting as the right thing to do. We see her leadership come out in this as she is there for her teammates in the village, though she does end up captured by Roman at one point when she discovers the White Fang base and train leading to the final confrontation of the season.

Cinder and her Team – Cinder has a pretty awesome team and we see Neapolitan (a girl who fights with an umbrella and kicks to neutralize Yang) and Roman in action as they try to cause mass panic, and succeed since even though the bombs are stopped…Atlas military comes in to save the day and the Grimm invade a city. The good guys win but Cinder’s plan advances and Adam, the leader of the White Fang is ready to deal further with them.

The Final Fight – The final fight is awesome. With Oobleck taking on the robots with Ruby and trying to stop the train, Weiss defeating Roman and Yang vs. Neapolitan and Weiss against a large Faunus with a chainsaw. It’s a pretty awesome fight.

The Revelation – Raven is Yang’s mother and Cinder’s plot of militarizing the society and having Ozpin lose face and power advances her goals and creates greater fear at the school and among the populace. We also see her team who has infiltrated Beacon and the fact that she hacks Beacon’s data during the dance.

 This was a great season that raises the stakes further as we see every win the good guys do advances Cinder’s plot. What that plot is remains to be seen but it is tied to fear as the Grimm feed off it and after the Grimm invasion and Atlas occupation there is going to be a lot of fear among the people.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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