“RWBY” Season 3 – The Threat and the Cost

RWBY Season 3

   “RWBY” is a show that just keeps getting better. In this we meet more great side characters, have loss and cost, which establishes the threat of our villains and get more of the mythology of the world and how the rules of it work. Seriously, this is one of the best seasons of any show I have ever watched.

      Rooster Teeth has done it again and it saddens me that Monty Oum, the creator of this series died this month (February 1st). He will be missed greatly, he truly was great mind.


    This season starts out with the Vytal Festival Tournament where different schools put their against each other to win glory for their nation, team and school. Things are not as they appear though as Cinder and the ones she serves plans begin to unfold during the tournament.

The Pros: The Tournament – The backdrop of the tournament is great as it immediately puts all eyes on Beacon and the world is paying attention to Hunters and Huntresses and those who use them, which makes it perfect to turn the populace against them.

The Tone – The tone is one of the glory but also dark as the epic and danger of the fights takes a dark turn and shows that all of this was being used by something much greater.

The Soundtrack – The soundtrack is once again amazing and really shows the different characters’ personalities really well. The Williams once again do an amazing job.

The Characters – The characters have always been the strongest part of this show, and in this we get more of their backstories and motivations behind what they do as they face the consequences of those past relationships and the end game consequences from them.

Flynt – Flynt is a great minor character. He fights with a trumpet that he uses to play jazz songs. I really like him and the fact that he stands with the heroes in the final battle. He’s an honorable guy who I hope we get more backstory from.

Nora – Nora goes from a character we see rock every battle she faces, to being one of the remaining survivors who still has purpose as she joins the new team at the end to solve the mysteries of the Grimm and stop them.

Penny – Penny’s friendship with Ruby is shown before Pyrrha accidently destroys her when her powers are shown to be more powerful due to illusion spells by Cinder’s team leading to Pyrrha completely annihilating her. I’m glad we get her backstory and got to know her.

Pyrrha – This season is really about Pyrrha as she is given the world changing decision…will she become one of the Goddess Maidens of Fall since Cinder and her team nearly killed the last one. In the end she decides too but is destroyed by Cinder who becomes the Maiden in the process. Her story is a tragedy as we are given a few episodes of her wrestling with the choice.

The Council  – The Council is pretty cool and you get why they chose Pyrrha as Pyrrha is the most talented of the students and has a quite wisdom to her. She sees the bigger picture where others don’t and is wise beyond her years. I also like that the Council doesn’t get along and that Cinder’s plan turns the world against them.

Ozpin – This is the season where we get to see Ozpin’s power as we get to see a God Powered Cinder and him face-off as they come to a standstill. We also see his is the Dumbledore/Gandalf as the rest of the council doesn’t know fully what’s going on with his plans, but trust him with their lives. Qrow is his enforcer we learn too.

Qrow – Qrow is Yang and Ruby’s Uncle and he is awesome. The man who trained Ruby is also a huge drunk who sees just how desperate the situation is and how even when the students think they’ve won it has played into the Darker powers plan. He believes in nothing but loves his family and wants to fight for the good. He is a fascinating character.

Glynda – In this we see Glynda’s power and leadership again as well as her being one of Ozpin’s counterpoints as she is the questioner to hone his decisions. I hope we get more of who she is and her motivations soon.

General Ironwood – The man who has all the robots ends up eating the consequences of last season as Roman and Cinder take control of his army and reek havoc upon the populace of Beacon. I felt bad for the guy as he has thought might always wins, when we learn this time that the Grimm are smarter than that.

Our Heroes – Our heroes are explored more too and thus far this is their darkest season.

Weiss – Weiss’s sister comes to the school and after losing her battles in the tournament she is brought home by her dad who at this point she has turned against. This is her going from her highest to becoming a prisoner from the tendencies and family she’s been growing apart from the last 2 seasons.

Blake – Blake realizes that she isn’t strong enough this season when she faces her lover Adam, who runs the White Fang and just wants to escape as her entire world comes crushing around her. She loses her friend Pyrrha and finds the school she is a part of. I felt bad for her character and hope she can take the White Fang back. Everything she knows has been broken.

Yang – Yang like Blake has her will broken. Her arm is cut off and she has given up. She’s not as strong as she thought she was and she feels the abandonment of her mom leaving and the world thinking she’s a horrible person for punching someone, when really it was just an illusion. She’s one of my favorites and I hope she comes back from her dark place.

Ruby – Like the rest of our heroes Ruby learns she isn’t invulnerable. She manages to freeze a dragon Grimm but she can’t change how the world sees her friends, she wasn’t able to save Pyrrha and she couldn’t stop the Grimm. The season ends with her going out to investigate where the Grimm come from.

Enemies – The main enemies are awesome and really drive the action. Their minions I could care less about (except the Grimm) but the folks have personality and ambition and it makes them interesting.

Adam – Adam is using the Grimm to his own ends so that his people can rule. He’s arrogant and a bit of a Robin Hood/Magneto and I am super curious to see where his arc goes as he rejects Cinder until he sees that Cinder is all powerful and that he can die a martyr or embrace power and use to his own ends.

Roman Torchwick – This “Clockwork Orange” man is back and seeing him cause chaos on Beacon is wonderful as his being trapped by Ironwood leads to him taking control of the A.I. and using the robots on the populace. This guy is always a lot of fun, and he has no powers to boot.

Cinder – This is Cinder’s rise and unless Ozpin can defeat or injure her nothing is going to stop her from causing the end of the world. Seeing her bring her team together was pretty cool as well as her manipulation of Adam. She thinks long term and thus far is the most powerful character we’ve seen fight and win.

The Grimm – We got Grimm for days. Grimm Elephants, Wolves, Bears and a Dragon that takes all of Ruby’s power to freeze (but even she can’t kill it and it knocks her out). Seeing the diversity of the Grimm is awesome as well as their power.

Okay: Jaune – He’s still just of there and his arc only exists to give Pyrrha a choice…given that I don’t care about his character and haven’t been given a reason to, I felt for his pain because I like Pyrrha, but he’s still the most useless member of the students.

Cinder’s Team – Her supports are alright but they don’t have any personality. We learn one is insane and killed his father and the other was a thief but they have no complexity or mystery. Cinder is the only thing making them mean anything. Without her the villains would be weak this season without the greater threat of the Grimm.

   This season really sets the tone for things to come as we see a Lady who is entirely Grimm White naturally with glowing eyes in a hellish landscape saying everything is going according to plan. Hopefully she doesn’t become a Thanos (not doing anything only just implied awesome) and we actually get to see her in action. I’m also hoping Pyrrha doesn’t come back, and she is one of my favorite characters on the show. Death must have consequences and this show deserves to let our heroes face what happened and earn their victory.

Final Score: 9.6 / 10

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