Steven Universe Pilot – “Pilot” – A Creative Use of Time and Identity

Steven Universe Pilot

    “Steven Universe” is an interesting show to review. The episodes are short so a lot has to be shown in order for the stories to work. In regards to the Pilot, I think it succeeds in doing just that. We meet the characters, there is an arc and there is no magic reset button as circumstances change characters.

     The series was created by Rebecca Sugar who also wrote and directed it.

    The story involves Steven getting his hands on a time travel device that he decides to use to come up with better comebacks…not realizing the chaos that would ensue in the process.

The Pros: The Crystals – The crystals are fascinating as they are defenders of the universe as we see them off fighting Electric Skulls before returning home to Steven, who seems to be the youngest of the group. There is a fascinating dynamic between them that I’ll get into in the reviews.

Amethyst – Amethyst is the support and gives Steven the Hourglass he uses to go back in time for comebacks. She seems to around Stevens age and is the closet to him and is the risk taker to Pearl’s worrying.

Pearl – Pearl is the anxious and worrier of the group, though that doesn’t keep her from being courageous as we see her rise to any challenge and rescue the others in a fight.

Garnet – Garnet appears to be the leader and is the strongest in the group as her weapons are gloves. She is the wisest and seems to be the oldest. You know Steven’s done something wrong when she points it out.

Steven – Steven is the kid who just likes to have fun and seems to function as the groups id as he simply acts on things but in the process is good at getting himself out of the messes he causes too. I’m curious to see how he grows up as he is unable to activate his power.

The Cons: The Electric Skulls – We know they are the villains and cause destruction but that is about it. I wanted to know more, since outside of their design I can’t find a motivation for them.

Lars – He isn’t shown to be anything more than a bully, which is a shame. Hoping he gets more development down the line as the Electric Skulls had more depth than him.

This is a good introduction to the characters, though I wouldn’t call it a great episode. It did leave me wanting to see more so it accomplishes what any pilot should seek to achieve. For what it is worth, I am looking forward to checking out and reviewing more episodes in the series.

Final Score: 8 / 10

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