The Venture Bros. Pilot – “The Secret of Turtle Bay” – Satirizing Super Heroes and Celebrating Their Charm

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay The Venture Brothers

     “The Venture Bros.” are a lot of fun and a brilliant satire and celebration of superheroes, pulp action novels, the Hardy Boys and countless other things. I haven’t had this much fund in a show like this since “Archer” and “Rick and Morty.” There are a lot of things going for this show and though this episode isn’t a favorite, I’ll cover what I think worked and hope gets explored down the line.

    “The Secret of Turtle Bay” was the pilot of the series and was directed and written by Jackson Publick.

    The story involves Doctor Venture trying to get to the United Nations conference to present his new machine while the Monarch seeks to stop him on his quest as elsewhere others plot.

The Pros: Hank and Dean Venture – These two are the Hardy Boys of the series except they aren’t very bright at all, are overly optimistic and sheltered but somehow manage to get out of even the worst situations (thanks oftentimes to their protector Brock). I’m really curious to see how the harsh world is going to change them.

Dr. Venture – Dr. Venture is an oblivious mad scientist who is all about making money…though what is keeping him from doing so is himself as he brings a weapon to a peace conference and is not aware of much at all except himself.

the Monarch – the Monarch is hilarious and like Dr. Venture has a one track mind, though where Venture’s is to money…the Monarch just wants revenge against Dr. Venture and to be the best super villain in the process. His look is hilarious too as all his troops and himself are dressed like Monarch Butterflies which he has set up to be the most dangerous of creatures in his mind. He’s over the top and really works.

Brock Samson – Patrick Warburton plays some of the best characters…and Brock has to be one of my favorites he’s done. Brock is the protector of the Ventures and is on the edge, always about to snap. He kills and thinks nothing of it and is former military. In the end he sleeps with the prostitute the boys ran away from and brings his knife into the U.N. because the police where to afraid to challenge him. Can’t wait to see what they do with this character.

The Comedy – From the boys innocence when they accidnetly go to a prostitute, Dr. Venture bringing a weapon to a peaceful tech. conference at the U.N. and anything with the Monarch and Brock are really what make this show work. The characters create the comedy simply by being themselves.

The Cons: Senzuri – Is a diplomat who it looks like is going to steal the Oo-Ray but in the end just wants to get off to it. The joke was kind of funny but they could have done a lot more with the character. He felt like a throwaway character and not completely thought out.

    This is a series I’d highly recommend and I’m grateful that my friend recommended it to me. The characters are strong as is the comedy and there is so much potential in this pilot to take the characters in interesting directions and explore this unique world that celebrates and satirizes so many things.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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