The Venture Bros. – Special – “A Very Venture Christmas” – Crazyness and Warped Reality

A Very Venture Christmas

    “A Very Venture Christmas” is a trip that is a lot of fun, but doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s “Inception” with non of the narrative consistency. It is a lot of fun but the fact that it is 20 minutes of chaos really brings the story and jokes down, merely making it enjoyable rather than good or great.

     The episode was directed and written by Jackson Publick.

    The episode involves a Christmas Party thrown at the Venture Compound, but all is not as it appears to be and the Monarch hatches a plan.

The Pros; The Venture Compound – The best parts of the series are in the Venture Compound as we see the Monarch has placed a bomb underneath the house that is set to go off when the baby Jesus is put in the cradle. We also see overprotective Dr. Orpheus and all Old Team Venture appears.

Okay: Krampus – He just kind of shows up. Great design though. I like that Hank and Dean were the ones who summoned him too.

The Cons: The Beginning and End – The beginning is play of “The Christmas Carol” with Dr. Venture talking to death and flying around the city thanking everyone, and the finale scene is them crashed in the Middle East waiting for Palestine or Israel to show up to get them out so they can trade tech. with them. Overall this felt like a clip show more anything else.

  This is an episode that is fun if you are already into the show, but can skipped if you are following the main narrative. It is outside the ending of Season 1 and is very much, just a special. You don’t really learn anything knew about any of the characters, but it is fun to see them all together.

Final Score: 7 / 10

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