X-Men (1992 Arcade Game) – A Solid Brawler in the X-Men Universe


   There is something wonderful about arcades, especially arcade games you can do co-op with friends. For some of my time this week when 2 friends came down to visit my partner and myself that was the experience. There were Barcades we vsisited. The Coin Jam, which if you are ever in Salem I highly recommend and Ground Kontrol. I’ll talk more about Ground Kontrol in the next review, suffice to say though, if you are ever in Salem, Oregon check out the Coin Jam. It was here the 4 of us beat X-Men Arcade.

          “X-Men” was created in 1992 by Konami and is a Brawler/Beat-emup style game that up to 6 people can play.

      The plot involves Cyclops, Storm, Dazzler, Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler working to save Professor X and to stop Magneto.

The Pros: The Venue – The Coin Jam is a great venue. The food is affordable grill food, they host tournaments and have a huge selection of games and a decent selection of beer. This improves the experience with friends everytime.

The World –  The world of X-Men is great and we get to go to Asteriod M, where Magneto’s headquarters are in this game. I would have liked to see more of the world but we get to meet Sentinels, Reavers and mutant crocodiles which add nice flavor to the world.

The Characters – The characters are great! We got the X-Men against the Brotherhood which is classic X-Men. Some of the bosses are actually difficult too, reflecting how hard they are to defeat in the comics.

Okay/Pro: The Bosses – Back when I wasn’t playing with friends to win Blob and Nimrod were the ones who would always wreck my partner and I when we played the game, with 3-4 people though the most difficult bosses were Nimrod and Juggernaut. Mystique appears and sets all the past bosses on you but she’s nothing compared to the final fight and is largely a multi-mini boss fight. I would have liked to see her shape-shift in the battle beyond just pretending to be Magneto giving a fake-out before the last battle with Magneto himself.

The Gameplay – The gameplay is solid. Each of the mutant powers are unique and though there aren’t any good ways to cancel out getting overwhelmed beyond more people playing, the mutant powers are really cool and can be quite deadly against bosses and enemies. Juggernaut and Nimrod are one of the few who had to hit a lot by the mutant powers to be taken down.

Okay: The Enemies – The basic enemies that aren’t bosses are okay. They aren’t super creative but I like that we fought Sentinels and their boss Nimrod and some of the creatures later one have some neat designs they just aren’t great.

The Ending – The war continues and it does set up the show as it is meant too…which was bad. A videogame should have a good ending. You pour all your time and money into something (like any story be it book, film, show or game) and that should be rewarded…and doing it over again isn’t a reward, that’s Pac-Man level creativity.

    I beat this game a long time ago in Elementary school with my brother and second cousin. Ii was one of the first games I ever won and game me fond memories of San Francisco given how young I was. Coin Jam is one of my favorite arcades I have ever been too and for a game that you can play co-op with friends at an arcade, “X-Men” is a solid game to catch out if you are ever there. The only real criticisms is Magneto’s plans are never really clear or fleshed out and the ending isn’t anything special, it feels unfinished and after you just start the game over…for all the quarters machines like this take I expected better for sure. The characters, gameplay and world of the X-Men are great though and the fact that it is at the amazing Coin Jam is all the more reason to check it out.

Final Score: 7.5 / 10



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