The Dragon Prince – Book Two: Sky – When the Past Defines

Dragon Prince Season 2

“The Dragon Prince” Book 2 is a huge improvement over Book 1. Book 1 was only worth it because of the premise and that premise remained unfulfilled by the end. This season changes everything as we get amazing backstory to the world, there are less awful jokes and we are introduced to a fascinating new character as well. That is all I’m saying for now as if you were questioning whether to watch onward from Book 1, I would say yes. Book 2 makes it worth it.

The story picks up where we left off with Claudia and Soren hunting Callum, Ezran, the Egg and Rayla as Callum seeks to learn about primal magic and Ezran teaches Ozymandius the young Dragon Prince how to fly. Viren plots to bring the other 4 kingdoms into war against the Elves as he explores the mysterious mirror.


The Pros:

Battle at the Breach – The battle at the Breach is really cool as we get to see the Sunfire Elves and their general face off against the amazing deaf General and Callum’s maternal aunt Amaya. The humans are fighting a losing battle but she manages to survive each time, even when the Sunfire elves pull off a successful ambush. In the end Amaya decides to destroy the Breach and succeeds, though ends up captured by the Sunfire Elves in the process.

The Flashback about the Titan’s Heart – Viren goes against the Council and falsifies the King’s signature to call a meeting of the Kingdoms so that he can recruit the soldiers he needs to bring war the the Elves. During this episode he tells the story to the young Queen of Duren whose mothers’ died in the quest to get the Titan Heart as the human lands were set to lose 100,000 to famine without the magic of the Titan’s Heart. It is here where Callum and Ezran’s mother is killed too, by the King of the Dragons. It is a powerful episode and we see Viren’s courage and how his relationship with King Harrow developed. It was really well done and I wish he’d succeeded in convincing the Queen as it would advance the plot in an interesting way.

The Mysterious Mirror – The mirror is a cool plot as we meet a mysterious Startouch Elf named Aaravos. We have hints of his origin as the one who taught humans dark magic and he plays Viren and uses him to implement chaos among the human kingdoms to bring about the war. I’m curious to learn more about his motivation as he is so much smarter than Viren and is the most fascinating antagonist thus far.

Callum’s Arc – Callum has a great arc this season. His arc involves finding the primal magic but his journey to get there involves him using dark magic once and rejecting future use of it and accepting the death of King Harrow and the lessons learned as he and Ezran are the best chance for peace as they aren’t bound to the past. It is really well done and I really liked Callum this season. He and Rayla were both great.


The Supporting Cast – Besides Callum and Rayla most of the supporting cast are just okay. Queen Sarai is a tough fighter but we don’t learn much about her before her death and we learn that Soren and Claudia are from divorced parents and how that shapes them and their motivation. All these are neat ideas but the characters still don’t feel as interesting as the big bads or the two mains. This was a problem last Book but at least it is better written this time.

The Cons:

The Jokes – The jokes are still awful and they need to get away from them. They are the weakest part of this series.

The Obvious Evil Plot – Viren is so obviously a bad guy and I hate how stupid evil he became. He really thought faking the King’s signature wouldn’t lead to him going to prison? It was a shame and I hated how inept he was this season.

Why Does Viren Trust Aaravos? – This is more on Viren’s idiocy. He is trusting someone and that trust hasn’t been earned (a point he brings up to Aavaros). I guess it is desperation that makes the deal happen but that desperation only happens because he suddenly got very stupid.

This Book has so much promise. It ends with us arriving in Xadia and facing the once great Sun King of the Dragons while Viren is prison and Ezran returns home  to take his place as King. So many big events happen and I can’t wait to see how the events payoff  in the next book. If the writing continues to improve this has potential to become a favorite show…which is amazing given how bad it started. Can’t wait to see what future stories are written.

Final Score: 7 / 10 This was a huge improvement over Book 1. The characters got more nuance and there were less jokes.

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