Age of Mythology Campaigns: The New Atlantis

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“The New Atlantis” is a good campaign in the solid expansion “Age of Mythology: The Titans.” Narratively it is much tighter and it manages to be at least a little more complex while giving fun missions. This expansion builds upon the base game so it is one I’d recommend if you liked the core game of “Age of Mythology.”

The campaign for “The New Atlantis” takes place 10 years after “Fall of the Trident” campaign and follows Arkantos’s son Kastor as he seeks out a home for the Atlanteans.


The Pros:

Atlantian Gameplay – The Atlantians are fun. They can turn any unit into a hero (getting regeneration and faster attacks) they have single unit workers that don’t need to deliver resources to facilities and the Titans and the abilities they give you are a lot of fun. I really liked playing as them as their army is a reaction to the other 3 from the first game.

Atlantis Alone – For 10 years Atlantis has been looking for a home and because of this being cut off from the Gods and attacked wherever they go it makes sense that they turn to the Titans. Atlantis was sacrificed and Arkantos was rewarded for it, but his honor and sending his allies back left his people alone and his son easy to corrupt.

The Corruption of Kastor – Kastor reminds me a lot of Arthas from “Warcraft III.” He is the well meaning leader led astray as all he wants is to protect his people at any cost. This leads to Kronos’s warrior possessing Kastor’s mentor Krios and after that they are attacked when they embrace the Titans whose Island they make home, making Kastor go to further extremes to protect his people and their new home.

Old Allies – Ajax and Queen Amanra are back and I like their dynamic. Ajax is ready to kill Kastor for his killing of a Greek general but Amanra who is communication with Arkantos knows Kastor is being tricked. From here they rescue Kastor and his journey from there is redemption as he helps to stop the Titans he helped release in Egypt, the Norselands and Greece.

King Folstag – King Folstag was one of the enemies in “The Golden Gift” and he was tough and difficult to get past. Having him as an ally here was awesome. I love the Giants in this game and he is the king of the Frost Giants.

The Titans as a Faction – The Titans are a fun faction and I enjoy that they aren’t all bad. At one point it looks like Kastor is ready to give up his alignment with the Titans even though his people have embraced them until he sees Gaia represents life and sees redemption and stopping Kronos through her. In the end he does just that and saves his people from Kronos’s control. It is fun and the buildup to this conclusion makes sense.

The Cons:

The 10 Year Gap – Why wasn’t Kastor talking to Ajay, Odysseus or Queen Amanra when his people were looking for a home? Even a line or two of dialogue on why he was going it alone would have helped as he begins in hostile territory fighting the Norse. They had allies among the Norse so shouldn’t he have talked to them about where they should settle New Atlantis

Why Did the Gods Abandon Atlantis but Reward Arkantos? – I get Arkantos is a God but his role is very powerful and limited. He solves the problem of Kastor facing consequences from his allies but couldn’t he have advocated to the other Greek Gods to watch over his people since they stopped Kronos? He saves his son but in the end I don’t know what the ultimate role of a God even was.

I found this campaign is good. It had solid mission variety, a bit of complexity and most of the story choices made sense. I had a lot of fun wish we could get more civilizations and campaigns. Next up “Tale of the Dragon.”

Final Score: 8.2 / 10 This was a good expansion. The action flows well and it is a much more focused adventure than “Fall of the Trident.” Still needed to explore some of the concepts deeper to be great though.

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