Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 8 – “Reunion” – Adapting to Crosshair

“Reunion” is a great action episode that brings back one of my favorite characters from the Clone Wars era. This episode does a good job of taking the tension and keeping it and the action rising through the episode. So, this is an episode worth checking out.

The episode was directed by Steward Lee and written by Christian Tyler.

The Empire arrives on Bracca lead by Crosshair as Clone Force 99 attempt their escape.


The Pros:

The Kaminoans – We get more of the Kaminoans this episode as the Minister is shown to be the one who has been hiring the Bounty Hunters to get Omega back. Nala clearly isn’t good with this though and I’m curious to see her story playout. I suspect she will probably be killed when she helps Omega escape again.

Crosshair and the Empire – This episode does a great job with the Imperial threat as Crosshair corners Clone Force 99 twice and only loses due to Clone Force 99 using the weapons from the ship to destroy the ship, putting all of them at risk. I was worried we’d see him beat easily but Crosshair is a dangerous foe and showed why he’s the primary threat to Clone Force 99.

Clone Force 99 – Clone Force 99 works as a great unit this episode as we see Tech and Echo use their skills to bring the ship to life and Wrecker and Hunter use their explosive skills to get them out of danger twice. It is only when they are apart that Cad Bane takes out Hunter and kidnaps Omega for Kamino.

Cad Bane – One of my favorite characters from the Clone Wars era is back! Cad Bane is the gentleman bounty hunter and we see how dangerous he is taking out the Imperial Clones and defeating and nearly killing Hunter. He is also so much smarter than Fennec Shand and captures Omega and defeats Hunter quickly.

The Cons:

Cliffhanger Ending – Crosshair is chasing Clone Force 99 and they need to find Omega when they don’t even know who Cad Bane is or what his ship looks like. The Cliffhanger is annoying but hopefully next episode will feel more whole as a story.

This is one of the est episodes this season and I can’t wait to see more of Cad Bane as well as more of Crosshair in action. This is episode is a good example of how to do rising tension and action and made full use of all the skills of the members of Clone Force 99.

Final Score: 9 / 10

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