Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 (2021) – Brought Down By Holes in Part 1

“Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2” doesn’t solve the issues of “Part 1” but it is the better film. When they are edited together I’m curious if they’ll take anything out or add some more scenes in as “Part 1” does not set-up “Part 2” well in regards to the mysteries well at all. This Part does have some great action though and it is enjoyable. So if you liked the first part I do recommend completing your watch and watching “Part 2.”

The film was directed by Chris Palmer and written by Tim Sheridan.

As Bruce Wayne (Jensen Ackles) is being controlled by Poison Ivy (Katee Sackhoff) for Carmine Falcone (Titus Welliver), the Holiday killings continue as Harvey Dent (Josh Duhamel) continues to grow more unstable.


The Pros:

The Action – The action is one thing this adaptation has done well as we get a great fight when Catwoman saves Bruce Wayne from Poison Ivy’s control, when Batman fights Scarecrow and the Mad Matter and in the final fight of the film. The action is kinetic and you can see what everyone is doing clearly.

Scarecrow – Scarecrow hits Batman with the fear toxin and with the Mad Hatter gets Carmine more of what he needs for his operation. I also suspect he and the Mad Hatter might have helped make the acid for Sal Maroni as that seems like a concoction they’d make. This version of Scarecrow looks haunting and we see him and he usually succeeds in causing chaos at least once before being taken down.

Poison Ivy – Katee Sackhoff’s Poison Ivy shows why she is easily the most powerful of Batman’s rogues. From mind controlling Bruce Wayne to sign over his assets to Carmine Falcone and later working with Two-Face to take out Falcone. She is a great threat and she ends up controlling Bruce Wayne for months.

Harvey Dent / Two-Face – Josh Duhamel is a better Two-Face than Harvey as I never believed his love for Gilda and Two-Face has a rough voice and is ruthless. This is the identity who only believes in chance and he is a great threat after Sal Maroni completes his birth into Two-Face with the acid in the court. He recruits Grundy, Joker, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy and takes out Carmine Falcone in the end before taking responsibility for the Holiday killings. He’s not as tragic as in the comics as he is fully another being while Two-Face in the comics was about revenge and it was personal. This Two-Face doesn’t believe in revenge, he simply is.

Selina Kyle / Catwoman – Naya Rivera continues to be an amazing Catwoman. Her arc in this is protecting Carmine Falcone until on his death bed she learns Louisa was her mother as Falcone was her father. It was a good arc and I liked how she saved Batman a bunch. She was the most successful hero in this. In the end she opens up too as both Bruce Wayne and her shared their secret identities and are shown to be a couple at the end. R.I.P. Naya Nivera.

The Final Fight – You have Carmine and his daughter Sofia against Two-Face and the rogues with finally Batman and Catwoman arriving to even things out. It is a fantastic fight and begins with the rogues causing chaos in Gotham, which was a nice touch and in character for them. It was a great fight and the reveal of Catwoman’s origin was neat.

The “Holiday” Reveal – We learn that Alberto Falcone was a “Holiday” like in the comics as was Gilda and Harvey as the final. The difference is Gilda was with Alberto until Carmine broke up the relationship and forced her to get an abortion. In the end she kills off the Falcone line as revenge. I liked that her motivations were explored more but none of this was setup in “Part 1” and “Part 2” the reveals of it being here were very obvious, but I liked the different lore.

The Cons:

The Batman and Harvey Dent Friendship – Batman says they are friends but all they did was burn Falcone’s cash together once. They never became friends that we could see so it took me out of the film when Batman called them friends. They were co-workers at most.

The Dent Marriage – Gilda says she loved Harvey but I never saw love fully from either of them. Them getting divorced is referenced in this film too. Gilda saying she fell in love with Harvey was never truly shown.

“The Roman” and his Arc – Carmine Falcone met a young Bruce and told him “All you have is what you take.” This is apparently the message? It is a mess and Carmine was never shown to have ever loved his son Alberto and his past of what he did to Gilda was never even hinted at prior. He dies but because of all the added story holes it becomes a mess rather than a clear revenge story like in the comic.

Batman is Still Dumb – Batman is still dumb in this and is playing catch-up to even Carmine who figured out Gilda was “Holiday.” This was annoying and I hate that we only see Batman is good at fighting. He also just lets Gilda stay which seems counter to what we had seen before. We needed more time with him letting Catwoman be a thief and him being okay with it for it to work.

“Part 2” is an enjoyable mess. I like the voice cast a lot. Ackles makes a great Batman and I hope he can voice him again. Duhamel also has a great Two-Face voice. R.I.P. Naya Rivera who voiced an extremely memorable Catwoman. This cast is great and I wish the story had worked better. The new lore needed more setup and certain characters more exploration for this 2 Parter to work. Still, if you are looking for a fun adaptation I would say it is worth checking out.

Part 1: 7 / 10

Part 2: 7.5 / 10

Final Score: 7.3 / 10

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 (2021) – Adaptation That Isn’t Quite Working

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