Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 14 – “War-Mantle” – Consequences of the Empire

“War-Mantle” is a great episode that feels complete even with it being a cliffhanger. We have fantastic action and the threat of the Empire is more fully realized and what that means for Kamino and the clones. This was episode was a favorite and I highly recommend it.

The episode is directed by Steward Lee and written by Damani Johnson.

Rex sends Clone Force 99 on a secret mission to save a captured Clone as on Kamino the Empire’s plans unfold.


The Pros:

The Action – We have the Kaminoans attempting to escape Kamino as the Empire sends all the clones to an unknown location and Clone Force 99 saving a clone from a top secret highly armed facility. We get great gun fights and a fun ship battle in Clone Force 99’s escape.

Rex’s Mission – Rex appears to send them on a secret mission he can’t give intel on that divides Clone Force 99 on with Echo and Omega saying they should go and Tech saying they shouldn’t. Hunter decides to go with the mission for Echo since Echo trusts Rex and it unfolds from there as they must free a clone from a secret Imperial Base in a Mountain.

Gregor – The clone is Gregor from “Rebels!” It is great seeing him again and all his joking around. He quickly understood that he was training his replacements and tried to escape only to be captured. He is wonderfully cynical and I loved his dynamic with Clone Force 99.

Clone Force 99 – Rex and Omega help free Echo, Tech and Gregor as they are at the ship as Echo, Tech and Hunter are the ones saving Gregor. We see all of them in action and great tactics. I was surprised they kept stunning people though given who they were fighting.

Kamino and Consequences – Admiral Rampart orders Crosshair to track the Kaminoans which leads to him discovering their escape. He keeps Nala Se since Rampart needs a scientist but Crosshair’s squad kills the Prime Minister. The Empire is in full control of the planet and clones, which I didn’t expect. I thought the Kaminoans would have a fail safe built into the clones at the very least or experiments they could unleash on the Empire.

Hunter Captured – Hunter is captured and isn’t able to make the escape with the others as the Empire overwhelms Clone Force 99 with the sheer number of troops and ships. It is good at showing how serious things are and of course Crosshair shows up to greet the captured Hunter in the final scene.

The Cons:

Nothing Happened with Nala Se’s Betrayal and the Minister – Nala Se and the Prime Minister act as if nothing happened after all that went down with their bounty hunters facing off. Did Cad Bane not tell the Prime Minister what happened?

This is a fantastic episode that illustrates just what Clone Force 99 and the galaxy are up against and I can’t wait to see how the season ends. This episode had some of the best action and some wonderful character dynamics that were explored. This episode was a favorite and one I highly recommend.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

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