Top 5 Favorite Factions in “Star Trek”

We continue “Star Trek Week” with my Top 5 Favorite Factions in “Star Trek.” In this case I’m taking factions beyond just government though government is listed and not just specific species either as some of these factions contain multiple species within them. I’m also counting factions that allied with others seperatley like The Cardassian Union and Breen Confederacy in regards to the Dominion as they were allies but still function as their own government and group within the Dominion.

First honorable mentions to The Federation, Cardassian Union, Tholian Assembly, Vidiians, and Hirogen all of whom are interesting and have compelling members within them but weren’t enough to make the list as far are my interest goes.

Also talking about these factions will contain SPOILERS related to said factions.

So without further ado here they are:

5) The Klingon Empire

I was torn between whether the Klingons and the Klingon Empire should be 4th or 5th on the list. Their honor driven culture and politics are fascinating but they also lack the dynamism and mystery of the others on the list. The Klingon Empire seems to always be at war as it is in battle honor is won and this has made peace treaties difficult or not long lasting as the Klingons went to war against the Federation for helping the Cardassian leaders escape during the Klingon-Cardassian War. This makes them complicated allies as the easiest path to honor in Klingon culture is war, which Gowron knew all to well and used to keep power as Chancellor through both “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine.” This war does have a cost though and so far the series hasn’t shown us an alternate path beyond war for this warrior people. Worf as diplomat might help but it is no garauntee as his adopted father Chancellor Martok is very much defined by war as his rise came as a General and at the end of the Dominion War failed to see the tragedy in all the dead on Cardassia. I’m curious to see where their story goes next with Martok and Worf shaping their people moving forward and if a post-war Klingon Empire will be found.

4) The Borg Collective

I’m not a fan of the Borg Queen as the Borg were always most interesting as a Collective will assimilating and adapting because of the multiple minds as one not driven by a single ego. I do think she can still work though and she was shown to be good in “First Contact” and “Dark Frontier Parts 1 and 2.” The big question is where are the Borg now? Are they defeated or have they adapted and chosen a new Queen to lead after the failures of the ones in “Unimatrix Zero Part 1 and 2” and “Endgame” on “Voyager.” I think they can as the limits of beings and technology is vast as is the Borg power in the Delta Quadrant. They are constantly consuming, adapting and assimilating and it makes them a terror even with a flawed ego at the helm of the Collective. We see how much they’ve incorporated into them as they continue to assimilate across the universe and I’m intrigued to see what plan they will have next and what their next form in adaptation will be. They are one of the most alien factions and it makes them fascinating and I’m curious to see what stories come next.

3) The Breen Confederacy

The Breen are one of the factions who are filled with the most mystery while remaining active on the galactic stage. We don’t know why they wear their suits as Weyoun says their worlds are habitable and Confederacy implies an alliance among them in a way which is interesting as after they join the Dominion 2 different leaders are leading one after the other. Was the past one killed or defeated in some way? We see how ruthless they are with their dissipator technology and attack on San Francisco and in each appearance they are shown to be one of the more physically powerful of the aliens in “Star Trek.” I’m curious to see what we learn next. I love their ship designs and how independent they functioned within the Dominion, even going over Weyoun’s head to ask worlds of the Founders. They don’t care and everyone fears them. Can’t wait to see where their story goes.

2) The Dominion

The Dominion are interesting as they are founded by changelings who fear solids after how they were hunted who are spoken for by the Female Changeling. This lead them to shape the members who they could control making loyal soldiers in the Jem’Hadar addicted to Ketracel-white and the Vorta their kind face to put to the worlds they conquer and to govern over their domains with the most iconic being those of the Weyouns. Their military machine is unstoppable and their infiltration of governments weakens the Alpha Quadrant powers before the armies even arrive from the Gamma Quadrant. The stories around the Dominion and how they relate to the Alpha Quadrant powers eventually leads to the best story arc in “Star Trek” in the Dominion War arc. Now with the war over I’m hoping we get more stories as I’m curious how Odo rejoining the Founders may have changed their perspective or how they might have changed him. I can’t wait to see what stories come next from this fascinating faction.

1)The Romulan Star Empire

The Romulans have been the most interesting faction since their first appearance in “Balance of Terror” in “The Original Series.” This is a people who have clashes between the civilian government of the senate, the military and the Tal Shiar who also aren’t a unified force. All groups are united though in believing they fight for the Romulan people. This has lead to some great espionage plots over the course of the show and the Romulans being an offshoot of Vulcans adds even more depth as their passion contrasts with the dispassionate Vulcans. The Romulans are usually potrayed as powerful without being stupid. They are also cautious too which is one reason they’ve probably held onto their territory for so long. They never had the most iconic of individual villains but as a faction I’ve always loved seeing their stories play out and the power plays they make in different regions. I can’t wait to see more as well and where the Romulan story is taken fully after the Romulan Supernova and all we learned in “Picard.” I want more Romulan characters and more of their independent desires and plans as they are and continue to be my favorite faction in “Star Trek” as a whole.

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