Spellbreak – Great Art, Concept and Gameplay Just Needs a Campaign or Enemy A.I. Leveling Option

“Spellbreak” is a game with a beautiful art style, fun gameplay and compelling concept and world where you are criminal mage put against your own as you reclaim your power. Sadly right now all there really is is the base as this is a multiplayer pvp game and that is what keeps the game from being good. I’ll get into detail more below but for now I do recommend this series if you are into fun elemental combat and multiplayer and the game is also free-to-play on Steam.

The game was developed and published by Proleteriat.

You are a mage vowbreaker, a criminal mage held captive by the vowkeepers in the Hollow Lands. You must reclaim your power.

The Pros:

The Concept and World – The idea of a bunch of trapped and exiled mages facing off against one another while investigating ancient sites guarded by robots is a lot of fun. The base for this world is cool and the art style that expresses it is distinct. This is a beautiful looking game and the stakes in the base of the game really should be expanded more in the game.

The Classes and Combat – The classes and combat are so much fun. You have elemental abilities with the classes being Pyromancer (Fire), Stoneshaper (Earth), Conduit (Electricity), Toxicologist (Poison), Frostborn (Ice) and Tempest (Wind). Your character whose appearance you can customize by either buying or choosing the free available or random options have a primary gauntlet for elemental powers and a secondary one. These can be combined into special attacks as well leading into some devastating attacks. The training is even enjoyable because the combat is so fun. My favorites were Pyromancer, Toxicologist and Frostborn as primary classes.

The Gameplay – For gameplay there is the Battle Royal option where is last team or person standing and Dominion which is capture the flag where the team that wins by killing the most players while holding all the points. Both are a lot of fun, especially Dominion. The one disadvantage in these that I’ll get into below are the wait times since this is a multiplayer game. On the maps there are potions for healing, shields and items that can level up your character in the match so they can survive and recover longer. It is a lot of fun and keeps the flow of the game going as you face enemy robots and mages along with enemy teams and players, depending on the type of game you’ve chosen.

The Cons:

No Campaign or Leveling Against A.I. Options – One issue that would solve the biggest con of this game (the wait times) would be providing a campaign to playthrough. You face enemy mages and robots on maps so just create a few scenarios that individuals and players can go through. The assets are all there with the maps and they don’t have to be complicated. Just give another option besides multiplayer and flesh out the compelling world more.

The Wait Times – The wait times are the worst part of the game. Wait times can easily be 3-5 minutes for matches and more sometimes as well. This ruins the flow of gameplay as getting trapped in the queue kills interest in the game as there aren’t alternatives to waiting for enough players to start a match since it is entirely dependent on multiplayer if you don’t want to do practice, which doesn’t level your character profile or character classes.

“Spellbreak” is a fun game that I hope is given a story campaign at some point or at least story scenario. The base of the vowkeepers versus vowbreakers is a compelling plot and I want to see it expanded more. This art and combat flow together beautifully and each of the classes have distinct styles of combat that blend together well depending on the gauntlets you choose to combine. I hope future chapters will expand upon the base that is there as this could someday be a good or great game.

Final Score: 7.5 / 10 Enjoyable Just Needs a Bit More to be Good.

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