Carnivale – Season 1, Episode 3 – “Tipton” – The Legacy of the Father

Carnivale Tipton

We continue with “Carnivale” with some answers about the past and who Ben’s father is, as well as Samson’s relationship with the town of Tipton and the foreboding of things to come.

“Tipton” was directed by Rodrigo Garcia and written by Henry Bromwell.

The premise is that they arrive in Tipton but the Sheriff doesn’t want them there because he’s worried about them losing what little money they have. After Ben is recognized for healing the girl Samson makes a deal with a preacher for a revival to raise money which leads to Ben becoming famous until he’s called by a dream to the Sheriff’s mother Rebecca and how she is related to Ben’s father.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Tone – This episode really catches the desperation of the Depression, from the Sheriff’s distrust even though he’s worked with them before…to people needing hope through miracles and believing the tricks the Carnivale does in the revival since Ben is just a prop and doesn’t actually perform any on the actors that are chosen for healing. It catches the two faced of it which we see when some folks come to tear down Pastor Crowe’s new church because even if he owns it, they own land and their two faced “kindness” is screamed.

Pastor Crowe – Crowe is once again a very compelling character, as we see him preaching the end but giving the poor something to hope for. He’s a complex character and seeing him in action again is great, though the future of his church remains unresolved as the man who came to take it away find himself choking before he departs the church. If this will make things worse or better remains to be seen. Clancy Brown really does add depth to this role.

Samson – Samson is great as the practical leader once again, quickly changing the carnival to a revival and using the members of the carnival to excite the crowd and bring in more money. We also see how angry he was at giving Ben more freedom when Ben leaves them hanging without him and almost does an actual miracle that would have revealed them all the world. Michael J. Anderson continues exploring my favorite character on the show. Samson has them heading for trouble since he feels they have to go to Babylon after Rebecca reveals that is where Scudder is.

Rebecca – Rebecca was the lover of Ben’s father Scudder and we find out Scudder used to be a crook and in his revival suit he looks just like Ben. She feels guilty for not doing anything to stop him. Her role is small and powerful and she tells Ben that Scudder was last seen going to Babylon, which is where Samson has them go next.

Ben – Doesn’t want power and when he is given it is very humble. The most he does is use to follow his dream to Rebecca who points him to Babylon to find his father Scudder. She also reveals Scudder’s dark past a little bit and we we see him ready to save her until she denies it. For now none of the carnival knows his powers are for real. He is now invisible again, which I think is what he wanted anyway.

This is a good episode that furthers the development of Samson, Ben and Justin Crowe…which makes me excited for what’s to come. There is foreboding both in the name and mythology of Babylon, and that is where they are going next and what we hear about their bad experiences there before.

9.4 / 10. Really great, just would have liked more moments to see what will come of the attack on Crowe’s church.

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 12 – “The Threat of Zeon” – Garma’s Legacy

The Threat of Zeon

“The Threat of Zeon” is a good episode. It shows us more of the everyday soldiers of Zeon and the cost that the constant fighting is having on Amuro. The episode is the 12th episode the 1st Season and was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki and directed by Yuichi Yokoyama and Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The story picks up with the beginning of Garma’s memorial service as the Zabi family morns and begins to preach the strength of Zabi to the people as White Base 7 is attacked by the cruiser Zanzabar who is hoping to avenge Garma’s death. Amuro is in rough shape and keeps having panic attacks while getting ready to fight as the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Zeon – Zeon is shown to be allusions to the Nazis and that conquest and military are why they fight. They believe they deserve to rule because they know why they fight and even though they have a smaller military, they have the strongest military. All of this is expressed by Gihran Zabi in his speech to the populace of Zeon. There are many “Hail Zeon!” Making the inspiration behind the nazis complete. The Zeon are great antagonists.

The Zabi Family – We see Gihran take charge, Kycilia seek our Char for her own agenda and Sodo still in mourning. We also see that Dozle’s influence for revenge is pretty strong too as he ordered any ship that sees White Base 7 to attack and avenge Garma’s death.

The Crew of the Zanzabar – We see in these folks experienced soldiers driven by honor. They attack White Base 7 and when Amuro and the Gundams attack the leader Ramba Ral gets into his own personalized Blue Gundam and manages to incapacitate Amuro. We see his caring for his crew as he’s in a relationship with one of his crew named Crowley Hamon and he has both his officers retreat when White Base 7 is able to attack them again. For all intents and purposes they won the fight and hurt the moral of White Base 7, and they aren’t even a Zabi.

Amuro and Ryu – We see Ryu helping Amuro fight on and advocates for him against Mr. Bright since he sees how the fighting fatigue has taken a tole on Amuro’s mind. He saves him later at the end when Amuro is paralyzed again Ramba’s attack.

Okay: Char – We see him briefly mocking Gihran before he is approached by one of Kycilia’s honor guard. He looks bored while at home and it will be good to see him in action again.

This episode was good but not great. We didn’t have all that much time with Char and much of it was Amuro paralyzed in battle. It was great seeing Ramba and the Zanzabar be a good threat though. Ramba cares for his crew and knows when to have his men retreat showing he’s a good leader.

Final Score: 8 / 10. Solidly good.