Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 3 – “Anatomy Park” – Rick Meets “Jurassic Park”


    “Anatomy Park” is a lot of fun as an outright satire but for this reason it doesn’t have the strength of the ones that take inspiration from what they are satirizing but do their own thing. The jokes are still good though and I was entertained and I’ll go into why.

    The story involves Morty going into Rick’s “friend” who he has turned into a theme park full of viruses that has been acting up as there is someone working against the Park. He soon sees the awesomeness and danger of the human body.

The Pros: The Park – The Park is beautiful, dangerous and wonderful…just like “Jurassic Park.” It is very much a theme park full of viruses that can be watched and the viruses are designed to be monsters that take out one another and the environment around them.

Dr. Xenon Bloom – John Oliver does a good job as Bloom and has the naive vision that defines so much of the “Jurassic Park” trope. He risks his life for Morty and Annie and realizes after that he could have saved himself too…but it is too late.

Annie – Annie is the brains who falls for Morty after he saves her a few times. She also has all of Bloom’s training and is made the head of a new Park after the old Park fails. She looks down on Morty at first and reminded me a lot of Hermione in early Hogwarts.

Morty – Morty learns quick and does let go as he fights Poncho when he turns on them as well as fights against viruses too, he is never afraid unlike the scientists around him subverting the weak guy trope.

Rick – Rick’s disregard for life is really key in regards to this episode as he shrinks Annie again so he can get another Park built, the first Park was in a homeless man he had manipulated and he doesn’t mourn any of the deaths that happen…he’s just too disconnected to care.

   The biggest con is the satire is a bit too blatant, but the character relationships work and the jokes do payoff even though it isn’t a great episode it is definitely good. The design of the park and animation of the Park are beautiful. I definitely recommend it.

Final Score: 8.4 / 10