The Dragon Prince – Book One: Moon – Fascinating World but Weak Characters


      There are two things that lead me to wanting to check out “The Dragon Prince.” These two things were Aaron Ehasz (Head writer and co-producer behind “Avatar: The Last Airbender”) and the fact that it was a new fantasy show involving dragons, elves and humans. Fantasy political shows have always been a draw for me and with a writer with that caliber I wanted to give it a chance. I still plan to give it a chance but season 1 was only okay and I’ll go into the reasons why but for as promising as the premise of this show is most of the characters aren’t compelling currently and there is some real bad dialogue.

Aaron Ehasz created the show along with Justin Richmond.

The series follows a human discovering dark magic (magic that pulls it’s magic from sucking out life) and being forced to the other half of the continent of Xadia. Here the Dragon King enforced the peace at the border known as the Breach until humans killed him and his unborn child. The story picks up with Moonshadow Elves seeking retribution for these murders.


The Pros:

The World – The world of “The Dragon Prince” is really fascinating. You have multiple types of elves and human kingdoms as well as a neat magic system based in runes and of course the ongoing politics and war. Really the world was what kept the cons from this show being stronger as the world still remains compelling even after the writing and character missteps.

The Politics – The politics of humans wanting to live where they once did before combined with the nature of dark magic and the different elven factions and human factions (five kingdoms as of the time the show starts) is such an intriguing premise. The Moonshadow elves also partially succeed and do assassinate the King but the King is wholly to blame for that outcome, which I’ll get into later.

The Magic – The magic like Avatar is tied to elements but this time we have 6 elements which are (Sun, Moon, Earth, Sky, Ocean and Stars) with dark magic as the rogue element of these that pulls from life. How the magic is done in season 1 is by the drawing of runes or using artifacts which plays gives reality to the fantasy it is.

Viren – Viren is King Harrow’s adviser who is willing to switch bodies with him to save his life but after Harrow stupidly refuses decides he’ll takeover as he believes war and conquest are the only ways for humans to have security. He has moments of nuance but is mostly a snake who is evil for the sake of evil. The character is still fun though even if the writing makes him incompetent. He should have never sent his kids on the mission as they care about the princes and as long as they live he can’t takeover like he now wants to after Harrow’s death.

Callum – Jake DeSana (who voices Sokka in “Avatar: The Last Airbender”) is step-son to King Harrow and the main hero we follow as him learning the magics are a major plot point as well as him getting over his fear of elves. In the end he saves the egg of the Dragon Prince when he realizes the trapped storm he stole is what is needed to free him. He is one of the only two likable good guys thus far.

Rayla – The only other likable protagonist thus far Rayla. She is the Moonshadow assassin who fails to kills Prince Ezran and her arc is learning to trust humans (mirroring Callum’s learning to trust elves). It is handled well and I enjoy her clever dialogue and the little details like her fear of water and in season 1. Early in the season she makes a bond with bracelets with the rest of the assassin Moonshadow elves to kill King Harrow and Prince Ezran. After King Harrow is killed she keeps that secret but admits to the remaining bracelet existing because of her refusal to kill Prince Ezran. In the end the hatchling Dragon Prince releases the bond.

The Cons:

The Dialogue – Some of the dialogue and jokes are really cringey. You can see it trying to be “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and mostly failing. The best moments of dialogue are when characters aren’t joking. The dialogue really illustrates how amateur the writing feels. This is season 1, so I hope it improves. I’ve heard it does.

King Harrow’s Stupidity – The King has no sense of long term planning and just plans to die and let others die for him anyway in defending him. Given his part in the war and slaying the the Dragon King, him seeking peace would have had the strongest base. Instead he embraces his death leaving his step-son and son Ezran as orphans. Sadly he isn’t the only stupid character.

Most of the Supporting Cast – Most of the supporting cast is bland. Prince Ezran gets along with animals and nothing defines him beyond his pet Bait. This also applies to Viren’s kids who are awkward but not threatening so him using them as weapons to get the Dragon Prince Egg makes no sense. His son is an idiot and his daughter is more interested in the science of magic not power. This is a constant problem with many of the characters in the show. The show cares more about making them funny than making them threatening or having a bigger purpose beyond what we are told in the plot.

This show has promise. The world and Callum, Viren and Rayla are fun. I really want this show to succeed. A good, original fantasy universe is worth supporting. I really hope the next seasons get better though as this season only reached okay when it had the potential to be so much more. Here is to hoping it reaches the heights that exist in the premise.

Final Score: 6.4 / 10 Weak start but I plan to keep watching to see if it gets better. There is enough potential here for this show to eventually be good or even great.

Torchlight: A Worthy Addition to the Dungeon Crawler

      My experience of “Torchlight” is that of a game that pulled inspiration from the source but went it’s own way. This was not my experience 6 years ago after playing “Torchlight 2.” Looking back on that earlier review I will definitely be returning to that game and seeing if the harsh criticisms I gave still hold up. This is a game that obviously takes inspiration from the APRG that “Diablo” is one of the most obvious starting points. Given how much my analysis has hopefully grown since that time I plan to return and do a replay to see if I still generally agree with the initial review. I really enjoyed this game to the point of finishing it over a weekend. I can see the “Diablo” dark inspiration but the “Dungeons and Dragons” inspiration seems more-so as I hardly remember goblins, trolls and dragons are something this game did really well. I don’t remember “Torchlight II” doing this as well.

“Torchlight” was created by Runic Games and published by Perfect World.

The story follows your character who is an Destroyer, Alchemist or Vanquisher as they arrive in the town of Torchlight as you are pulled into Alric and his plot tied to the powerful corrupting Ore of Ember as you investigate the source of the corruption.


The Pros:

The World – The world is fantastic. This world feels like it more pulled from “Dungeons and Dragons” than Diablo as you fight through a goblin fortress, a corrupted Dwarf keep and a hellish landscape dominated by Dragonborn and demons. It is really cool and your character is naturally pulled in as you follow an adventurer who is tracking his leader Alric. Syl his apprentice is the main person trying to stop Alric after her corrupts the third member of their party Brink is transformed into a monster by Alric, solidifying his corruption and drive for power at any cost. The fact that this story is what you are investigating as Alric’s journals give you taste of what each area will be like really enriches the game and makes the world rich.

Gameplay – The gameplay is a lot of fun for a dungeon crawler. I never felt overpowered and had to strategize to get through some areas. What helped along those lines was the level variety and unique bosses as well as the fact that you have a pet who can sell your gear in town.

Level Variety – There is a huge level variety that stood out for me more than “Torchlight II.” The goblin fortress feels like a goblin fortress and it makes sense that they’d set a big troll on you that they control and heal. Same goes with the corrupted Dwarf Fortress being ruled by a Demon and the undead area being ruled by ghosts. The levels made sense and built upon each other, which only enriched the world and the experience.

Unique Bosses – The one thing all the bosses have in common is that they are almost always bigger than you. What is different is how you fight them. You fight a giant Troll that you can only beat after you kill the goblin healers who are constantly calling in adds and you fight a demon who replicates herself so you have to focus down the real one and then the final boss has constant adds that he kills to heal and it becomes a war of attrition. The final boss fight feels worth it in the end and it is a victory you earn. In the first game The Dark Alchemist was difficult and I think the only one I died against but didn’t even compare to the difficulty of the dragon Ordrak.

The Pet – One of my biggest issues with APRGs and Dungeon crawlers is the need to go back to town to sell loot or simply dropping loot in order to wait for the good drops. Having a pet that fights with you and sells your gear solves this. This is one thing I wish “Diablo III” had done as it would have solved the overload of gear problem that none of the “Diablo Franchise” really addresses.

Story – The story is simple, but it works. You are helping Syl stop her corrupted master from summoning Ordrak who will conquer and corrupt the world. When you fight Ordak he clearly can do this as he sets tons of Dragonborn and undead against you over the course of the battle. To get this point you fail to save Syl’s friend Brink and you get corrupted by the Ember too. Syl saves you from the corruption only to get captured and after you save her…only to get corrupted at the end when you hold Ordrak’s ember heart. It is well done even if on the face of it it is following the corruption ark of the Warrior in the first “Diablo.” There are enough “Dungeons and Dragons” elements as well as you following the story of the other adventurers to set it apart.

The Cons:

The Hero’s Motivation – Your character shows up but we don’t really get his motivation. I played the Alchemist and he was almost immediantly corrupted after defeating the final boss. There was not motivation and setup, which is a shame as I felt I got to know the characters who surrounded him.

I ended up really enjoying this game. So much so that I’m giving “Torchlight II” another chance. Here is my Old Review of Torchlight II. This was a solidly great game and I enjoyed my time in the universe as well as the fact that I could keep on playing after defeating Ordrak. The graphics and world feel unique and I’m really curious to see if “Torchlight III” will be any good. If you are looking for an older dungeon crawler to play, definitely check this one out.

Final Score: 9 / 10 It is a shame the sequel doesn’t live up to the original. This one improves on the gameplay of the first “Diablo” while still telling an original story without getting cartoony.





How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) – On Growing Up and Letting Go

      “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” is a really good film. It isn’t as good as the first 2 films, but this is a solid end to the franchise. If you’ve come this far I’d say it is worth finishing. The ending is one of the most heart touching things you’ll see this year and the animation and action are the best this series has ever been. Also I am biased in that I am glad this is the ending.  A trilogy is a a great way to end any series and when you go beyond that it is easy for studios to mess up.

The film was directed, produced and written by Dean DeBlois, with Brad Lewis being the other producer.

The story involves Hiccup and his dragon-riders continuing to rescue dragons and bringing them to Berk. This leads to overcrowding leading Hiccup to call upon his dad’s dream of finding the “Hidden World” where dragons and humans can live and peace. All doesn’t go according to plan when an old dragon hunter enters the scene. Grimmel who hunted the Night Fury to near extinction. With the warlords at his back he brings war to Hiccup and Berk.


The Pros:

The Action – The action in this film is great. Grimmel (the main baddy) and his Deathgrippers (venom-fire spitting dragons) cause some great action sequences when they are escaping, capturing dragons or fighting against Hiccup. Visually the action sequences are a lot of fun. The fact that Hiccup and his main crew now use dragon armor and Hiccup has a burning swords adds to the visual appeal of it all.

The Animation – The animation is the best it is has ever been. It must have been difficult to animate the Hidden World when they finally reach it. There are such a variety of dragons and mirage of colors that it simply draws you in. Same goes for when Hiccup moves the Vikings to find a new land. The sheer amount of characters and creatures in motion is seamless, as well as the reveal of the new forest island they choose to call home. This is a movie animated on an epic scale and it loves it up to that. Every scene has so much detail to it, while still focusing in on the characters who drive the action.

Astrid and Hiccup – This is the core relationship that drives the series. Astrid and Hiccup are the heroes of the film. Astrid is the one who sees the big picture and sees the people, while everything Hiccup does is to protect the dragons. It is a wonderful dynamic and we see how they compliment one another. Hiccup is the idealist while Astrid is much more down to earth. I do wish Astrid had got more development as so much of her development is tied to Hiccup as chief, but it still shows they are partners. This is really them growing as leaders and in regards to Hiccup, him accepting that the dragons should be free and not domesticated.

Toothless and the Light Fury – This relationship is a relationship between two cats. Like Astrid and Hiccup they compliment one another as the Light Fury shows Toothless that he can lead all dragons and be their guardian. The Light Fury is also being used to her getting revenge is a mini-arc that I appreciated, as well as her coming to trust humans when she saves Hiccup after he frees Toothless from Grimmel’s control. This relationship was adorable and was just as core as the main relationship that drove the film.

The Ending – The ending is a reunion of friends. Astrid and Hiccup take their kids to the Hidden World where the dragons are living and meet the Light Fury and Toothless’s babies. It is really sweet and for any fan of the series you will feel. This gave the series a sense of finality too, which “Kung Fu Panda 3” didn’t give in the same way. This was smart and if the studio does go greedy, they’ll have to be really smart to give this trilogy a worthy epilogue.


Grimmel the Grisley – F. Murray Abraham is good at giving us a threatening feeling character in Grimmel. His introduction is killing a dragon without reacting and escaping Burk, even with it being full of dragons. He also has the Light Fury that he uses to bait Toothless, which is clever. Traps are his game and they could have been used so much more. He has a trap that nearly works that should have killed at least one of the characters (Hiccup’s dad was killed last film, raise the stakes). But in the end it doesn’t work. This doesn’t help as from here on in he never feels like a threat. Our heroes beat him without their dragons after Grimmel takes control of them when he captures Toothless, and though we are given good visuals it is nothing more. He needed to truly hurt our heroes or have a real personal reason we saw to want to end all dragons. We don’t get either, which makes him the weakest enemy in the Trilogy. Still a decent villain but he deserved so much more lore and development.

The Cons:

The Villain Warlords – There are 4 warlords who clearly have different looking armor so should have had differing personalities and goals, but they don’t. Instead we have 4 people who hate Berk, want to kill dragons but not use them in anyway we ever see (resources, etc.) and are all just stupid fighters. The only thing that sets them apart is their armor sets and the fact that 3 are men and 1 is a woman. This isn’t good. They should have been in a more adversarial relationship against Grimmel (or split between them in loyalties) or at least have different expressed goals at what they’d do with the killed dragons. They served no purpose beyond paying Grimmel to take on Berk. David Tennant voiced one of the warlords, and I couldn’t even tell. He’s one of my favorite actors so it was such a horrible use of such great talent.

If you’ve come this far, you deserve to finish. The film itself is solidly good with a great ending and it does give a bit more lore. Where it fails is in the minor characters, which is a shame is that is the only thing keeping the film from greatness. I wanted more time with Hiccup’s mom Valka and his Uncle, or any of the Warlords. They deserved better development. I would still recommend to any who love the series and great animation. This film knows that this is the end and it goes all in on the operatic fights and the core relationships. This is a film that knows how to say good-bye.

Final Score: 8.6 / 10

Pete’s Dragon (2016): A Celebration of the Wonder of Nature and Magic of Childhood

   The new “Pete’s Dragon” is one of my favorite films. This is a film that manages to capture the wonder of nature, wildlife and childhood and also the complex relationships that come with family. The soundtrack leads to a beautiful meditation on it all with some absolutely wonderful performances by Bryce Dallas Howard and the legendary Robert Redford. Non-spoiler thoughts, I recommend this film and think you should check it out. I grew up on the original film and this film so different, and in my opinion so much deeper and better.

 The film was directed by David Lowery who co-wrote the script with Toby Halbrooks and produced by James Whitaker.

    The story involves Pete who is presumed dead when his parents die in a crash in the forest. It is here the dragon Elliot finds him and raises him before he runs into Ranger Grace whose husband is a foreman of the Lumbermill that has impeded on the territory where Elliot and Pete are living. From here the story unfolds.

The Pros: The World – The world is rich! The forest is full of life, the small town is full of politics and there is a dragon. This is very much a surrealistic fantasy world.

The Soundtrack – Daniel Hart creates a  beautiful americana folk soundtrack that captures the brutal feel of the lumber mill, the isolation of the town and the magic of the forest. It is meditative and reflects the feelings in our characters’ heads. Suffice to say, I can’t wait to see what music he does next as I’ve always been a fan of folk and it was perfect for this film.

The Characters – The characters are a strong part of this film! From Karl Urban’s Gavin who feels powerless so wants to own and capture Elliot as he’s in a dying industry (he works on a lumber mill) and his brother doesn’t respect him. Howard’s Grace is someone who is trying to make things work with her own family and make peace with the fact that her husband’s job is destroying the forest she works in as well as her own doubt of her father Mr. Meachum whose arc is capturing the magic of his childhood (Redford does this wonderfully) and of course the child actors who play Pete and Natalie who become friends as it is Natalie who helps Pete realize he wants to be a part of the world again and no longer separate in the forest.

The Wonder and Terror of the Natural World – The natural world is front and center in this story and all the wonder and terror of it all. It is almost hitting a deer that leads to the death of Pete’s parents and Elliot almost kills his new parents when he turns on his attackers and rage and attempts to burn them. It is only through respect that humans can co-exist with nature and with the natural world, is what the film argues. It is very Miyazakiesque and it is part of what makes the film so beautiful.

Okay: Dealing with Grief  and Loss – The film dealt with this a little bit but not really as Elliot was Pete’s way of dealing so we never him truly face the fact that his parents are dead. There are a few moments he misses them, but we never have the chance to see him face his grief. There was shock but after that not much else besides him forming a bond with a new family. It was dealt with a little but not enough for me to put it as a pro. The one way it worked was that Pete was tied to the forest and is always trying to run back until he faces his grief to some degree, which helps him form bonds in the world and a new family, in turn leading him to leave the forest.

The Cons: Jack – Jack, Grace’s husband is a plot device and is only there to counter the antagonist Gavin (his brother) who is hunting and captures Elliot. He never felt fully fleshed out and I didn’t know why he and Grace were together.

    This was an amazing film that is the only one of the Disney remakes that I consider great. “The Jungle Book” remake was awful and even though I’ve heard good things about “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast,” I am still worried. A good story can pull upon past stories, but it shouldn’t be a retelling, if I wanted a retelling I’d just read or watch that same story again. This film gets away from that and it is part of the reason it is a favorite film now. This is a film where magic happens and truly captures the beauty that can surround us.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10 Would be higher if Pete dealing with his grief had played a bigger role and Jack had been a character not a plot device.

Sword Art Online – Episode 23 – “Bonds” – Alliances Payoff

SAO ep 23

     This…was actually another good episode. We don’t have any of the victimization yet and we see some great teamups and a lot of potential to show what the second arc could have been (Alliances and Raids in action working together). So I’m going to cherish this blip while it’s still around because the next episode is really bad.

    The story involves facing the Guardians again except this time Alicia and Sakuya have arrived to help as together they face off against the Guardians to get Kirito his opening so he can reach the top of the World Tree to save Asuna.

The Pros: The Action – The action is great! It’s quick and flowing and really makes the most of the three dimensional space as well as showing just how threatening the Guardians are but also showing the players power as well.

The Alliance – Cait Siths have dragons and they are awesome! The Sylphs have swords that shoot lazers too, so that is pretty cool. It is great finally seeing an Alliance in game too…I wish that had been the focus of part 2 not Asuna in the place of Princess Peach.

Kazuto/Kirito and Leafa/Suguha – This is the episode where they fight it out in the game and later find a new way to relate to one another as Kazuto admits that he regretted being distant from her and everyone and that why he is trying to beat the game and save Asuna is so that he can move on. Suguha admits that after she find out she became attracted to him because of how kind he was to her after he came out of the game. They later make a great team up against the Guardians. They and the Alliance eventually break Kirito through and he uses the Admin Card to get through the locked door and enter the top of the tree.

Recon – Recon returns as the Red Shirt whose sacrifice shows there is chance to break through the Guardians and also buys them time before the Alliance arrives. It was a cool moment.

This was a solid action episode, the creepyness is coming up though. I’m going to cherish these action moments while I can before the dive into the abyss of some of the worst that anime has to offer.

Final Score: 9 / 10

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014): A Time to Fight

How to Train Your Dragon 2

“How to Train Your Dragon 2,” is definitely the best Dreamworks animated sequel and might be the best Dreamworks animated movie…I’d have to rewatch “Prince of Egypt,”again before I say that for certain though.

Everything the first movie did well, this movie did better (though introduces a problem the first movie didn’t have) and the movie also dealt with loss, morality and growing up in a much deeper way than the first film. I’m saying all this now before getting into the assessment, since explaining all these things will be spoilers.

The premise to “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” is that Hiccup has been chosen by his father to the heir to Berk and Chieftain of the clan. Hiccup doesn’t feel ready since his passion is exploring and mapping the world, living free and in the moment. Things come to a head though when Drago and his army arrive on the scene and Hiccup must deal with the consequences of this new enemy.


Here is my assessment of the film:

The Pros: The Music: The music once again is fantastic. It takes the Scottish theme and even incorporates a traditional tune for a love song that appears at one point in the film. Just as great as the first film musicwise.

The Animation: The animation has been improved. I saw it in 3D and in this instance the 3D is definitely worth it. The details of the dragons and the hair upon the people (from slight facial hair to large beards and different hair styles) is fantastic. They’ve improved upon the first one which already had great animation.

The Characters: The characters are once again fantastic, the main Dragon Riders team has grown up and is given more to do. There is even a three way romantic triangle between them (3 way being that the guys competing for the affection of Ruffnutt feel no ill will towards each other). I’m going to go more in depth on the individual characters who stood out next before I get into the relationships.

Eret – Eret the Dragon hunter played by Kit Harrington is a new character in this film, and Kit Harrington (Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones) does a great job! We see this egotistical dragon hunter ruled by fear of dragons eventually come to accept and love them when Astrid’s dragon saves his life. He eventually is taken into the community of Berk at the end and inherits a dragon.

Gobber – Gobber is gay and the reveal is fantastic! It is sad that he is the only explicitly gay animated character that we know about so far. Get on that Pixar! He is great as the supporting character again and he really is part of the family. He is like Hiccup’s Uncle and an adopted brother to Stoick. He has some comedic moments but he always shines on the emotional moments and the fights. His character grew a lot this film.

Astrid – I debated putting her in the okay area, but decided against it. She is used pretty well in this film. We get to see that she is like Stoick, she leads and is stubborn in her beliefs like Stoick against the flighty Hiccup. This is done well, though could have been done better. She kind of disappears again in the third act as mostly support…though she is really active in the first 2 acts and is once again the unspoken leader of the Dragon Riders (as Hiccup becomes the Leader of the Clan).

Stoick – Stoick is one of the best characters in this movie. We get to see how much he’s sacrificed and sacrifices for this people and that though he is stubborn he listens and is willing to try the path of the people he loves. For example when he find his wife alive…which will get it’s own entry further down…as well as what happens to him.

Valka – Hiccup has an awesome mom! You can understand why she left, given that she saw her inability to harm dragons as putting the village in danger…and that there is no way to build a bridge between Dragons and Vikings. Her role as a rescuer of Dragons is really well done. She is essentially the anti-Drago representing freedom of choice verses Drago’s domination of others.

Hiccup – Is great in this in that he is dealing with his desire for freedom verses responsibility to his people as well as how is world is changed when he learns his mother Valka is alive and is living the life he wants to live (saving Dragons and exploring the world to find other Dragons) and also dealing diplomacy verses fighting given that Drago has no desire for peace and goes about destroying everything precious to Hiccup at one point in the film in his conquest for power. Suffice to say we see Hiccup rise to the occasion and become a worthy Chief.

Toothless – This film is as much about Toothless as about Hiccup. He also has an ascension story as he builds relationships with the other dragons and even finds his inner power when he takes on an Alpha to defend to Hiccup and in turn becomes the Alpha of the Dragons, proving the way to a person’s loyalty is sacrifice and not fear.

The Stoick and Hiccup relationship – Is really well done in this film. They develop their dynamic further and we even see Stoick going out to rescue Hiccup after he leaves to try and convince Drago to accept peace. In the end their mother builds a bridge between them as she represents where Hiccup is and when he sees his Father’s patience and tenderness with going where Valka wants to go he begins to accept that he is a part of them both which leads to him beginning to accept his future role.

The Valka and Hiccup relationship – This reveal could have ruined the film…his mom being alive but missing for twenty years…there are more ways than I can count that that premise could destroy the plot. It doesn’t though, it only compliments it. Valka teaches Hiccup about dragons and apologizes for abandoning him. They do start over and we see her reflected in his as the life he wants to lead. He also begins to realize that Drago can’t be negotiated with when she warns him against it because of that time together.

The Dilemma – The Dilemma is perfect and answers the question, is there a time to fight? The answer is yes. Over the course of the film Hiccup realizes he must defend his home and his community from those who don’t want peace and want to dominate and enslave. This is revealed when he talks to Drago who believes the only way to live with others is to dominate them through fear. He realizes that he was wrong after fear is used to dominate Toothless to kill someone close to him.

The Battles – Are really good in this. The fight at the sanctuary is especially given we see nature and technology used in unison in different ways as the two factions (Stoick verses Drago) takes place.

The Loss – I love bittersweet stories, and this one was. Stoick dies…killed by Toothless when Drago uses the Alpha to control Toothless to kill Hiccup which leads to Stoick jumping in the way. It was sad and I’m glad they didn’t bring him back…it motivated Hiccup to become the Hero and also the reason he casts Toothless away until he comes to the understanding that “Good Dragons are being used by Bad Dragons,” and devotes the climax to rescuing Toothless and his people.

Okay: Drago – Isn’t super memorable in this. He is a one not baddie just like the Alpha Dragon in the first movie. They attempt to give him motivation but he spends most of the film just screaming and hurting people. Like the Alpha Dragon in the first film he only exists as a force of nature. There also is a con associated with him.

Cons: Racism – Drago is the only dark skinned character seen in this entire universe…and he is the bad guy. This could have easily been avoided by making him like the other vikings or even having people from his people joining the vikings. It is this factor (poor planning, don’t know if this was purposeful or not, it could just be stupidity like “Resident Evil 5,” but this factor keeps it from being a perfect film). It could have easily been avoided which is a shame. Hopefully we see more dark skinned heroes in future animated films.

The Director and co-writer DeBlois has done it again and I have to say I look forward to the 3rd film. Hopefully with the world opening up from Valka and Hiccup exploring it we can see the wrongs of this one (racism) dealt with. Let’s see a diversity of people just as we see a diversity of dragons and from that a diversity of heroes from this amazing world. I highly recommend this film to anyone, Hiccup’s story and the relationships are the driving factor and the movie achieves these relationships perfectly.

My Score for this film is 9.7 / 10.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010): To Build a Bridge between Vikings and Dragons


“How to Train Your Dragon,” is the story of Hiccup and his relationship with the dragon he catches and his father Stoick. The main drama revolves around Hiccup being outcast among the Vikings and dealing with the threat dragons who are destroying the Isle of Berk, the home of the Vikings. From here the drama unfolds.

“How to Train Your Dragon,” was one of the few truly good Dreamworks stories since their 2D animation days and like all profitable stories became a Franchise getting a television show and some short movies within the Universe…as well as the sequel that I plan on seeing for the next review. What helps this series I think is the fact that it is based off a book series by Cressida Cowell so there already is a lot material to take inspiration from for the characters and setting.

Without further ado, here is my assessment of the film:

Pros: The Music – The music is fantastic and I definitely plan on listening to it again for my own stories. It has Scottish themes in the sound and also uses silence for tension at just the right points and a soaring score when Hiccup and his dragon Toothless take to the air.

The animation – The animation is Pixar quality. Unlike most of the crap Dreamworks was putting out around this time this one was made with love. They even go into why certain characters look the way they do…such as the different types of dragons, or Gobber who lost a hand and a foot fighting dragons.

The characters – The characters get really fleshed out. There are some their for comic relief, like most of the teens who become Dragonriders (Astrid is the only one of them who really gets any exploration…the rest are stereotypes (the jock, the creeps, the nerd). But they are still handled with respect and given a moment to shine. Not a single minor character is useless or does nothing. The main characters of course get some great development which I’ll go into further down in the relationships they are a part of.

The Dragons – Their designs are awesome! From fat and thin to sleek, to many heads or one…they also are like cats and dogs in personality which makes their interactions enjoyable as well as the process of training them that the Vikings eventually go through thanks to Hiccup and Toothless.

Special recognition to Astrid (the toughest character besides Stoick) and Gobber who is actually funny and a pretty great mentor the kids and Hiccup, and of course Stoick for dealing with the conflict of being a leader and his relationship to Hiccup.

Hiccup and Stoick/The Father and Son Relationship – This is the relationship that really drives the story. Stoick is all about fighting and cannot see beyond the old ways in relationship to dragons for most of the film their difference is reflected in his son too, who he is unable to accept for most of the film. This creates great drama and tension between the characters leading to some amazing payoff at the end (the ending gets it’s own entry).

Hiccup and Toothless – This relationship is wonderful in that it is part of Hiccup’s journey to accept himself. Toothless needs his inventive skills and Hiccup owes Toothless a debt for breaking his tail in the first place. There journey from distrust to friendship is the other driving plot in this film and it is from this relationship that Hiccup is eventually accepted by the tribe and his crush Astrid.

The first and second flight – The first flight is when Hiccup is learning how to fly with Toothless, it here the sensation of flying and falling are the most strong. It is a great scene and shows where Hiccup gets his confidence more fully.

The second flight is the first time he breaks down a bridge with Toothless as he shows Astrid that Toothless is safe and it is here where the romance begins as well as Astrid’s apology to Toothless for initially trying to attack him.

The final fight – The Boss Fight with the Alpha Dragon is fantastic. We get to see human ingenuity with Hiccup and the Dragon riders against the biggest and deadliest dragon of them all. We also see Stoick finally appreciating Hiccup’s perspective and the love he’s felt all this time and hid. One of the best scenes of the fight when the Dragon takes off and Toothless destroys it’s wings. The final battle also has consequences leaving Toothless injured and Hiccup losing a foot.

The Ending – Is fantastic…dragons and Vikings working together and in it both of them profiting from it. Stoick has also finally learned to accept and appreciate his son. Hiccup and Toothless have also exchanged roles as Toothless helps Hiccup walk as Hiccup had taught Toothless how to fly. There is also his ending monologue which ties back into the beginning (My village sucks, we’re tough and we got unique pests (original) to the new one (We’re tough, our village sucks and we have the best pets).

Okay: The Romance – It could have been better. Astrid hates Hiccup for a long time because he isn’t like a traditional Viking and she see’s him as putting the tribe at risk to the dragons. Once she sees his perspective she falls in love, but I wish it had been more gradual. It isn’t bad, it just could have been handled better.

Astrid – I would have liked to see her save Hiccup once in the last battle. They set up this really cool character, but once she became romantic partner her role was diminished, especially in the action in regards to Hiccup. She even has a damsel in distress moment (which is more redeemable I guess in that she saves him a bunch during training before he learns how to train Toothless).

“How to Train Your Dragon,” still stands as one of the best Dreamworks films and one of my favorites. The themes are handled beautifully and the animation is still amazing to watch today. I look forward to seeing the sequel and how they handle this new world where Dragons and Vikings live in harmony. I highly recommend this film for anyone looking for a good action/adventure/fantasy film with a larger point and great characters.

My Score for “How to Train your Dragon” is 9.5 / 10.