Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1, Episode 4 – “Heavy Metal” – First Strike in the Series


     This is the episode where John Connor stops running and with that Sarah Connor begins to finally let go a little bit to let him develop into the leader he needs to be. It is a good episode as the stakes are high and we see Skynet in action laying the stakes for it’s future rise. We also see Cameron kick butt too.

     The episode was directed by Sergia Mimica-Gezzan and written by John Enbom.

     The story involves Cromatie adopting a new identity and another Terminator stealing a shipment of metal in preparation for Judgement Day. John chooses to fight rather than run away leading to a showdown in the Warehouse with Agent Ellison continues to research the mysterious events surrounding the deaths from the Terminators.

The Pros: Agent Ellison – He actually feels like a character this time as he questions the man whose identity Cromatie eventually steals and we see that he knows something is up giving the missing fingerpints and false blood.

Cameron – Cameron is great in this as we see her once again take on much larger Terminators than her and relate to Sarah Connor as she expresses she would have no purpose if anything happened to John, making Sarah realize how much of a psychological problem she has.

Sarah Connor – Sarah Connor goes through the process of starting to let go and let John become the hero he was born to be in this one. When John tracks the truck she allows it but panics later but later on is working with him to steal the metal that the Terminator is going to use to create more of it’s kind when Judgement Day arrives. It’s a powerful moment with good showing and not telling.

John Connor – John sets boundaries with him mom in this one and we see him be the leader and fighter everyone keeps talking about him becoming. From stealing the key to a hibernating Terminator and fighting it in the truck…in this he is coming to his own and is ready to fight.

The Cons: Cromatie – We see him creep and pretend to be human but he is still generic and the actor is no Arnold, just like the last guy who played this Terminator. He just isn’t compelling as a villain.

Terminators and Human Minions – The minions are stupid and don’t listen to John and the Terminator is a nameless soldier with nothing unique about it.

   The series still suffers from having villains that aren’t compelling but the leads are fantastic! Even John Connor begins to grow on you after a while even though Lena Headey and Summer Glau are clearly the ones carrying the drama and conflict and are the most compelling part of the show.

Final Score: 8.4 / 10

R. I. P. Christopher Lee – In Honor of One of the Greatest

Christopher Lee

   It is impossible to fully describe the life of Sir Christopher Lee. He was a true renaissance man, there is no doubt. From his ability to play multiple roles on both the screen and stage, to his production of Heavy Metal albums and his serving in the British Secret Service where he took on some of the most dangerous men and situations.

    When Leonard Nimoy died I did a week where I looked back on some of his work, both voice and otherwise, I hope someday to do the same for Christopher Lee, the problem is I wouldn’t know where to start. He had so much already under his belt before he helped make the Hammer Horror films popular and his modern works are far more than the Tolkienverse (of which he was an avid reader) and “Star Wars.”

     For these reasons and more I am filled with awe. This was a great man who lived 93 years and touched so many people and never stopped being an artist. He truly lived it up until his death and he never let the fact that he was old stop him from doing what he loved…as we witnessed in his Heavy Metal Work and the fact that he finished “The Hobbit Trilogy” with Peter Jackson, even though he couldn’t physically be in New Zealand for it.

    The legacy he left behind will be felt long after he is gone and the works that he was a part of and created will live on. I look forward to reviewing more of his work and organizing that Week or Series that looks back on the huge body of acting work he has done. You will be missed Sir Christopher Lee. Thank you for the life you lived.