Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 9 – “Something Ricked This Way Comes” – Rick Beats the Devil


     This episode was hilarious as it shows how stupid the “Devil” type characters are in giving gifts that bite back for free as all it takes is someone smart like Rick to turn the whole idea on it’s head and leave them with nothing. There is an element of science versus magic in this episode but what really makes it work is the Summer and Rick plot with the Devil, the sideplot on Pluto is a lot of fun as well.

    The story involves Summer working for an antique store run by the Devil leading Rick to uncurse the items and become a competitor. Elsewhere Jerry is helping Morty with his science project and is taken to Pluto when he claims that Pluto is a planet, counter to all science and and the people of Pluto see him as a hero.

The Pros: The Pluto Arc – The Pluto Arc is a great metaphor for global warming skeptics and intelligent design “scientists” as it is people who ignore the actual evidence to promote a claim that has no basis beyond keeping those with money happy. This is what Jerry does and it takes Morty calling him out and the King of Pluto’s son being sentenced to death for him to realize that he loves his boy and that he was wrong about Pluto being a planet as he stops covering fro the mining that is destroying Pluto.

The Devil – The Devil is hilarious and is super insecure as he tries to take his death at one point and after Summer helps him make a tech company after Rick’s competition stops him that he dumps Summer leading to Rick and Summer beating him up at the end for being a selfish prick.

Summer and Rick – These two have a great arc as Rick shows he does care for Summer while the Devil only cared for himself and was just using her. It’s a nice contrast as the Devil and Rick are similar in personality but Rick is willing to truly invest in his Grandkids.

This was a really great episode, the only weak part is the Pluto People weren’t explored all that much and were just a metaphor for humanity…which worked but it would have been stronger if they’d been a truly unique alien species. The Devil, Rick and Summer arc is the strongest part of the episode and is what makes it great.

Final Score: 9.6 / 10

Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Rick Potion No. 9” – Consent is Key or Everyone Dies


 Following the dark theme of last episode, this episode ups it more as Morty’s selfishness and Rick’s recklessness kind of end everything. This episode goes dark all the way and is a really good episode, though not a favorite. I will get into why further down, suffice to say there is so much more they could have done with both Rick and Morty this episode.

    The story involves Morty asking Rick to make him a potion that will make Jessica always love him. The potion goes wrong though and spreads to the world and Morty goes to Rick to try and solve the Morty-love Plague he’s unleashed, but Rick’s decisions just make it worse. Elsewhere Jerry faces his insecurities.

The Pros: Jerry’s Arc – Jerry’s arc is him getting confidence as him going to Beth at work in an act of revenge leads to him protecting her from her coworker who has turned into a mantis-man and later he and Beth come to dominate the wasteland full of monsters as their marriage is saved.

Rick’s Awe – Rick turns them into human-praying mantises by accident and later Cronenbergian Body horrors and all the time is fascinated at the new world he has helped create.

The Message – The message is great, consent is key…don’t force anyone to love or like you artificially cause that makes you a dick and an evil person that could bring about the end of the world. Morty understands this too as he is the first to take responsibility for the world becoming the apocalyptic wasteland it is leading to his and Rick’s escape.

The Alternate Universe – Rick and Morty go to a universe where the plague is stopped but where Rick and Morty are dead. The Rick and Morty we are following must bury themselves and the horror in Morty’s eyes as he realizes what his selfishness did is priceless and powerful as he realizes just how chaotic and uncaring the Universe is.

The Cons: The Minor Characters – None of them really get development and are just kind of there, and ties into how unfocused the episode feels at time.

This was a really good episode and shows how dark the show is ready to go for humor and for the development of their characters. I really liked that Rick called Morty out on the love potion being Rufi’s pretty much and that his selfishness sparked all of what happened. Rick is right though Rick’s detachment on solving things never helped either. Also I’m really glad Morty learned or it would be hard to watch the show going forward. At the end of the day he is a teenager who is growing up and he learned an important lesson on just how important consent is.

Final Score: 8.8 / 10

Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 5 – “Meeseeks and Destroy” – When Help Goes Too Far and the Dark Side of Fantasy


    This episode is hilarious, dark and depressing but manages to have some good payoff for all the characters by the end, which is an element of the show. The writers know how to craft a good narrative and this is one of the best episodes there has been so far.

     The story involves Rick giving the family a Meeseeks Box which leads to the Meeseeks being summoned to solve problems for the family, but they soon find Jerry’s problem is impossible leading to a rampage while elsewhere Morty’s fantasy adventure where he chooses the place doesn’t go the way he planned.

The Pros: The Meeseeks – The Meeseeks are hilarious as each one says, “I’m Mr. Meeseeks!” In a loud and annoying voice and just want to help as existence is painful for them. This leads to trouble when they can’t solve Jerry’s problem. It is after they take hostages that he figures out his swing and resolves a conflict with Beth are her Meeseeks had helped her realize the marriage wasn’t working.

Beth – Beth is alone and isn’t appreciated by Jerry at all to the point that she becomes attracted to her Meeseeks before he goes away as his purpose is solved. She later resolves to try and solve the marriage issues and helps Jerry find his confidence.

Jerry – Jerry goes through a greater loss of control as the Meeseeks are unable to help him. This leads to things getting tense with Beth and them later fighting and resolving things as he finds his confidence and saves the hostages.

The Fantasy Arc – The fantasy arc is dark as the World of the Giants (a play on “Jack and the Beanstalk”) involves them being caught in a Giant’s house when he falls and dies, though their Giant Lawyer rescues them. Morty fights off a rape later as Rick finally enjoys being in this world as he wins a lot of gold that he uses to help Morty feel better by giving it to all the villagers they’d helped in the first place. When the villager’s king is the rapist Mr. Jellybean he escapes with Rick but the portal opens again so Rick can end the monster.

Rick and Morty – Rick learns to appreciate fantasy and find fun on any adventure while Morty realizes that the world can be a dark chaotic place…though in the end they find balance and even justice.

   This is an episode where nothing goes as planned, but the payoff that Morty gets in regards to his rapist getting murdered by Rick once he figures out what happens is rewarding, as well as his successful fighting of him off. This is an episode that shows the darker underbelly of things and the chaos of the world and universe. Our characters face the horrors and end up growing.

Final Score: 10 / 10

Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 4 – “M Night Shaym-Aliens!” – The Tragedy of Jerry and the Long Con


     This is an episode that I had to watch a second time to really appreciate. It is actually pretty brilliant in how it manages to be meta and shed a light on itself and some of it’s own tropes it has (Rick being able to solve everything and we also see just how miserable and broken Jerry is in his small life and it’s wonderful how they do it.

     The premise involves aliens trying to trick Rick into giving up the recipe for Concentrated Dark Matter so they can travel quickly through anywhere in the Universe, this involves an elaborate con that Jerry was pulled into as well but never sees until it comes crashing down around him.

The Pros: Zigerions – These guys are wonderful, they are like one big corporate family and the big boss thanks all his workers when they have what he believes to be a successful con. Their fear of private parts is wonderful too in that it makes those who are trying to trick them uncomfortable. I hope we see these guys again even after what goes down.

The Long Con – The Long Con involves Rick eventually telling Morty the recipe, though it is the wrong one as he cons the cons and they end up destroying themselves, though they win in a way as he is having trouble trusting reality after.

The Tragedy of Jerry – Jerry is a sad small man who feels inadequate around everyone. The one time he thinks his stupid marketing scheme for Apples is a success he confesses to be a fraud and can’t see everyone around him is clearly fake and an illusion, the illusion is the only joy he has in his life and his wife being a doll and him making love to her is the only time he’s ever had good sex showing that before he never did…which is sad considering he’s had two kids. Beth is probably in a similar place, no wonder their marriage is falling apart.

Rick -Rick being suspicious comes to be a great advantage in this episode, but even he can’t see past the illusion of Morty until the very end and is only able to get back at being conned by lying about the recipe. After he drunkingly questions the real Morty leaving him afraid…his instability with good intentions come out in this episode.

   This is an episode I’d recommend, though it may take a second watch to truly appreciate. Jerry is hard character to root for and it took watching it twice to really get how hopeless his character is. I think Morty is much better for carrying an episode though, Rick is a sad man but he isn’t all that smart or complex.

Final Score: 9 / 10

Rick and Morty – Season 1, Episode 2 – “Lawnmower Dog” – Incepting the Dream and Liberation


      “Lawnmower Dog” is hilarious! It has two arcs that are both really good and come together in the end, though they are a little confusing as for what the final outcome is as it could all just be a dream, which is part of the joke.

      The story involves Rick and Morty Incepting Mr. Goldenfold so that he will give Morty an “A” but things soon go wrong as they find he is an active dreamer while elsewhere the Rick gives Snuffle the family’s dog a device to make him smarter and he begins to plot the fall of man.

The Pros: Mr. Goldenfold – Mr. Goldenfold is hilarious as he’s obsessed with Mrs. Pancakes and Wheat Thins and controls his dream to the point that Rick and Morty’s attempt to Incept him on their own fails and they have to Incept Mrs. Pancakes.

The “Inception Arc” – This arc is hilarious as they go deeper and deeper into the dream eventually running into the supressed area and fear where Scary Terry lives and after they figure out Scary Terry’s fear they help him overcome it and he helps them incept Mr. Goldenfold and is later seen chilling with Rick.

Scary Terry – Scary Terry loves to say “Bitch” as his catchphrase and his family he is taking care of. He is afraid of a teacher in his past and not having any pants which has lead to him being unsuccessful as a scarer but after Rick and Morty help him he defeats all levels of the dream.

The Snuffles Arc – Rick gives Jerry a device that helps Snuffles learn and grow in intelligence which leads to a takeover of the world and humans being enslaved, though we soon learn it was all a dream as Rick incepted him to show that it would lead to Morty’s death so the dogs leave to another dimension to live in peace.

Snuffles/Snowball – Snuffles sees how humans have mistreated dogs and plots to raise their intelligence (like Ceaser in “Planet of the Apes”) and when he finds that his balls were cut off he turns on the family. He eventually realizes peace can only be away from humankind after Morty dies in the dream he is shown so he leaves giving a heartfelt goodbye. He also takes Snowball as his newname  seeing Snuffles as his slave name.

Rick – Rick is hilarious and his madness comes in handy as he chills with Scary Terry at the end and the possibility of this whole episode just being his dream is suggested in the process.

Morty – Morty is the good guy in this episode as it is Snuffles’s love of him that makes him spare humankind from the dogs taking over after he would be making them all intelligent like him. He also is the one who gives Scary Terry pants which makes them his and Rick’s friend which leads to successful Incepting of Mr. Goldenfold.

Okay: Jerry – He just causes trouble by asking for Rick to make the device to make Snuffles smarter. He’s just kind of there and doesn’t really have an arc except for being happy for the dogs when they say good-bye to Morty to travel to their own dimension.

This episode is hilarious and it’s two arcs manage to flow together perfectly creating one of my favorite episodes. It has great comedic timing and the jokes payoff, especially since the episode is one giant gag that pays off really well and even has tender moments like Scary Terry getting over his fear and having joy with his family as well as Snuffles/Snowballs saying good-bye to Morty.

Final Score: 9.7 / 10

Rick and Morty Pilot – Season 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot” – Twisted Hilarity

Rick and Morty Pilot

    “Rick and Morty” is a darkly comedic satire of the sci. fi. genre and “Back to the Future.” From Rick basically being an even more unhinged Doc Brown and Morty being a more realistic take on if Marty were an actual high school student. Suffice to I really enjoyed the pilot and I plan on reviewing more episodes from “Rick and Morty” in the future.

    “The Pilot” is about Morty being pulled onto an adventure with his Grandfather Rick. This has been going on for a while and things come to ahead when his parents find out he has been missing a lot of school after Morty and Rick make an escape through Inter-dimensional security to return home.

The Pros: The Adventure – The adventure involves going to a planet to get seeds that Rick needs for research. From here they face monsters, bureaucrats and end facing Morty’s parents and one another throughout the mission as Morty is clearly Rick’s pawn.

The Jokes – The jokes are awesome! From the Bureaucratic Insects being called Robots and it being revealed they are sentient, to Morty having to sneak in the seeds through his but and Rick interacting with anyone. Also Rick freezes Morty’s bully and he later breaks and we see Morty’s sister Summer had a crush on the bully.

Morty’s Parents – Beth and Jerry are wonderful. Beth is a horse surgeon caring for her Grandad while Jerry feels insecure around Rick and is worried about his son as he explodes about him being special needs at the end but shows empathy after. They have a great dynamic as they are in a failing marriage where Jerry has no awareness of others.

Rick – Rick is a sociopath who has gone mad from how brilliant he is in hopping through dimensions and comprehending and living in a whole bunch of realities. This makes him cruel to others when he is able to solve the problems he causes really quick, like healing Morty’s broken legs. The thing is he has to be told to help others though as he is so obsessed with the missions, the big picture of adventure and his own interests.

Morty – Morty is a high schooler with special needs and is a great guy. He is kind but still is able to stand up to himself to Rick. He hasn’t stood up to his parents yet but I won’t be surprised if that happens later as his arc is becoming more assertive and setting what boundaries he can with Rick.

   This was a great episode that does a good job establishing the conflict between characters and the worlds that our characters live in. We see the brilliance of Rick, the conflict between Beth and Jerry and Morty just trying to survive as he is going through adventure so much larger than his small world in High School.

Final Score: 9.4 / 10