Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 35 – Night of the Ninja – Where Bruce Wayne Had his Training


“Night of the Ninja,” explores Batman’s past and where Bruce Wayne received his Ninja training. The mystery begins when a Ninja is stealing from Wayne Enterprise and is seeking revenge against Bruce Wayne for went down in the Dojo years ago.

Here is the assessment:

The Pros: Batman – We get to see when Bruce Wayne was younger and the drive behind his training (his obsession with his parent’s death and wanting to avenge them and to be the best) while he is training at a Dojo in Japan. We see his relationship to his sensei and also his training of Robin. This is a great character episode for Batman/Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne also finally has the chance to beat Ken.

Robin – Robin is like a companion on Doctor Who, the Doctor’s companion keep him grounded and from going off the handle in rage or anger. Robin in many ways serves this same purpose. He keeps Batman from destroying himself and reminds him what to live for. This is handled beautifully in this episode. He is also given the chance to be the hero this episode.

Okay: Kyodai Ken – He is an alright baddie, I wish we could have seen how poor he was in a scene though. We only have his word for it, which is a shame, though it at least gives us his motivation which more than can be said for some of the baddies.

The story – I wanted to know more about his time at the Dojo. We never get the chance to see more of the philosophical side of his training or how it informed him becoming Batman to a greater degree. We also don’t see what the cover story was for him going there, we only know that Alfred was with him.

This was a good episode and is an enjoyable glimpse into Bruce Wayne’s past. I definitely recommend it.

My score for this episode is 8 / 10.