Batman: The Animated Series – Season 1, Episode 47 – Birds of a Feather – Can Penguin Reform?


“Birds of a Feather,” is the best of the Penguincentric episodes. In this one we are faced with the situation of if Penguin can reform. The premise is he has just gotten out of prison and finds that his old haunts are empty and the rogues are gone. Veronica, a high society person and her brother take and interest in the Penguin and began courting him in order to make their parties more popular…what isn’t expected is the shadow of love.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

Pros: The Penguin – The Penguin really owns this episode. We see how eccentric he is and how closely he holds his victories over others (and that he he a high society bully). We see his loneliness with the rogues gone and his hope when Veronica begins to court him. He even has given up being a criminal and protects her up until he finds out she was using him the entire time with her brother. His story is tragic, and fittingly it ends in a battle in the Opera House.

Veronica – Starts out as a starlet sociopath but gets to the point where she sees past the Penguin’s looks and just wants to be his friend. The sad part is, she never stood up for Penguin to her servant Pierce and that is what ends everything…since it was when Pierce reveals the original plan that it all comes crashing down in the battle of the Opera House.

Batman/Bruce Wayne – This is an episode where we see Bruce Wayne warning Veronica and her brother and being willing to give Penguin a second chance after he realizes that the Penguin had been protecting Veronica, not working with the thieves…the same deal when he sees the gift that Penguin bought and how set the Penguin is on love. Sadly at the end he no longer is reasoning with the Penguin like Veronica tries…which I wish would have happened.

The music – Has the high society feel and fits the Penguin perfectly.

Okay – Pierce – Isn’t memorable. He’s just there to be a rich jerk who cares for his mistress.

I highly recommend this episode. It is a great exploration of the Penguin and gives us a glimpse of the culture that he wanted to be a part of…but at the end abandons when he realizes all they want to do is use him.

Final score is 9 / 10.