Gintama – Episode 175 – “People of All Ages Hate the Dentist!” – Insanity, Empathy and Comedy

Gintama Episode 175

    “People of All Ages Hate the Dentist!” is a messed up and hilarious episode. In this episode more critiquing of face takes place as well as playing up the real and unreal fear of the dentist…and has an unexpected payoff to end it all.

     The story involves Sakata and Hijikata ending up at the dentist and finding the one they are at to be much more horrible and twisted than they expected.

The Pros: Critique of “Face”- Both Sakata and Hijikata are afraid of the dentist but pretend they aren’t around one another and in trying to one-up each other just freak themselves out more on what may happen, showing how trying to save “face” prevented nothing.

Dentist Horrors – Limbs are replaced, drills, and a room that looks like a murder scene. The real and unreal horrors of a dentist office are on display here.

Sakata and Hijikaka – These two are a lot of fun as they are both serious types, though Hijikata is much more cynical and than Sakata. I look forward to seeing him in future episodes of this show that I review.

The Ending – To get their teeth fixed Sakata and Hijikaka are given a robot to take the pain that is being done and in the end they stop getting their teeth fixed to get the robots fixed as the robots give them an illusion of an entire life lived.

Okay:  Too Much of Joke – This one feels like a skit and less of a story and as a skit it is fantastic, but an episode should be a story and it doesn’t quite reach the great story level because of the times it feels like a skit.

This was a still a great episode and is one of my favorites, even though I think it could have become more though it does succeed in the drama and humor. For this reason I’d recommend it. The episode is a lot of fun and captures the crazyness that makes “Gintama” the show it is.

Final Score: 9 / 10

Gintama – Episode 25 – “The Hot-Pot is a Microcosm of Life” – Satirizing The Shonin Anime Mind Fights

Gintama Episode 25

   “Gintama” is a hilarious anime that satires most Shonin-anime, while still managing to create interesting characters who exist as characters who are more than just types. It’s a series that two friends have shown me now and one I recommend, even if it’s just to catch the ones that people recommend as it is hilarious and I plan on reviewing more of the show in the future.

     The episode I’ll be reviewing this time is “The Hot-Pot is a Microcosm of Life.”

The Pros: The Satire of “Deathnote” – Throughout the episode more people arrive to eat at the table and share in the hot pot forcing each to try and outmaneuver the other to be the first. In each of their minds we get to hear them voice strategy or feel the pain or thrill of victory with each mood, as we get with Light in “Deathnote.”

The Name Gag – There is a character whose name is always messed up. His actual named is Katsura but Sakata continues to call him Zura, and in this episode he hears when Sakata is even thinking that name and corrects him.

The Rivalry – This episode is all about rivalry, largely between the two leads as each wants to be the best and in doing so fail.

Catherine – Catherine is the alien girl who doesn’t care about the rivalry and ends up eating both pots that are served showing how “face” and obsession with it can ruin everything and that it’s important to remember why you are at an occasion in the first place.

Satirizing “Face” – In all cases the winner and the only one who eats is Catherine and she is the alien who doesn’t care about manners or “face” and in doing so shows them why they were there in the first place by eating the meal that all were choosing not to eat.

    The jokes all work in the episode I really like how it over-dramatized the idea of winning face and being the first to eat from the hot pot. The writing is tight and throughout it all it never stops being funny. It is good comedy and also manages to be good action as well. This is an episode I’d highly recommend.

Final Score: 9.7 / 10