Ranma 1/2 – Season 1, Episode 2 – “School is no Place for Horsing Around” – Akane Rocks


   “School is no Place for Horsing Around” is mostly setup. It introduces us to the cool character of Dr. Tofu and the drama king Kuno as well as establishing ways in which Akane and Ranma are similar…if it had just been this it would be great, but it ending on a cliffhanger brings it down to simply good.

     The episode involves Tendo’s girls going to school and Renma’s first time as well since he’s going to be in the area for a while. Once they get to school a group of males attack Akane to claim her love and our easily beaten until Kuno arrives and Ranma realizes that he may have found someone as good as him at fighting.

The Pros: Dr. Tofu – He is the school doctor and a pretty chill guy. He also is super quiet and experienced at martial arts as he sneaks up on Renma and Renma can’t sense him. He is a bit of a mentor to Akane and her possible crush.

Kuno – This guy is dramatic about everything and in charge of the Kendo Club. He is a dick and thinks he’s entitled to Akane, which she has none of as she has defeated him countless times and kept his challenge to be with her open. The episode ends with him and Ranma falling into a pool in their search for a place to duel after getting kicked out of class.

Ranma – Ranma shows that he can be a good guy in this episode as we see him respecting Akane’s space and every time anyone asks about them he only says he is a guest. It isn’t until one of Akane’s sister mentions their engagement that people react and even than he is fighting that rumor since he doesn’t know if wants it or Akane wants it.

Akane – This is Akane’s episode and we see why she is so hard as she had to fight off suitors for a long time in High School. She’s a great martial artist and we see her softer side in this when she opens up to Ranma about Dr. Tofu inspiring her and also Kuno’s sick challenge, which hardened her even more. The episode ends with her being worried about Ranma.

  This was good but not great. It could have been better if we had more character moments. The comedy is good though as well as the fact that Ranma and Genma are always fighting and knocking each other into water. Kuno is the arrogant prick so seeing being brought down is always a lot of fun.

Final Score: 8.3 / 10