Mobile Suit Gundam Wing


It looks like I’ll be returning to the “Gundam” series sooner than expected. After talking about “Gundam Wing” with one of my close friends, and the amount of times it has been recommended to me has lead me to start reviewing episodes and the series. “Mobile Suit Gundam” is one of my favorite series and dealt so intelligently with arcs, consequences of war and politics, from the sound of it “Gundam Wing” does it better.

“Gundam Wing” is in a different universe but still follows the basic design with Gundams and some of the characters are have parallels to the prime universe. The series ran for 49 episodes and ended with the OVA “Endless Waltz” like “Zeta Gundam” and “Char’s Counterattack” those reviews will come later. The series was directed by Masashi Ikeda and written by Katsuyuki Sumizawa.

I am looking forward to getting to these reviews after seeing the pilot episode, which I’ll talk more about in a review that will be coming soon. Suffice to say it isn’t as clear gut as “Mobile Suit Gundam” was as “Gundam Wing” has many more factions and our protagonists are not good people…they are broken characters and weapons of the rebel colonies against the United Earth Sphere Alliance (UESA). The factions and politics make it almost “Game of Thrones”esque and the fact that there are very few noble characters makes the faction conflicts interesting. I’ll get into more of what I mean when I post my review of the pilot. Until then, it’s great being back reviewing anime.

Enemy Mine (1985): Knowing the Other

Enemy Mine Poster

      We kick of Sci. Fi. Movie Week with “Enemy Mine.” One of the sci. fi. concepts that has always fascinated me both for how it can be tied to modern day conflicts between cultures…and how it involves creating other cultures. It is in this sci. fi. concept that we find connecting with the Other. “The Next Generation” was really good at this some of my favorite episodes covered this concept, specifically “The Enemy” where Geordi has to work with a Romulan. This story is very similar to that but goes beyond since it has much more than an hour to work with. Suffice to say I enjoyed it a lot and will get into the details of why in the assessment.

     “Enemy Mine” was directed by Wolfgang Peterson, written by Edward Khmara and produced by Peter O’Toole and Steven J. Friedman. It is based on the story of the same name by Barry B. Longyear which I’d to read after this.

     The premise is that in the last 21st Century humans have advanced into space and Earth has become nothing but a memory as they’ve come in contact with the reptilian Dracs and war begins for territory. The story follows one of human pilots Willis Davidge (Dennis Quaid) who follows an enemy ship for killing his friend and in an attempt to finish it off gets stuck on the planet with the pilot Jeriba “Jerry” Shigan (Louis Gossett, jr.). From here they start out as enemies but are forced to work together as the threats of the planet force them to depend on each other. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the film:

The Pros: The Factions and Universe – There are two main factions in this film and both get exploration. The humans represented by the Bilateral Terran Alliance (BTA) and the Dracs. Each are different and compelling in different ways as the Terrans are rugged and rough and the Dracs are poetic, curious, reptilian and reproduce asexually. They are similar enough to connect to one another through Willis and Jeriba but different enough that you get their motivations as to why they fight and why they distrust one another.

The Special Effects – A lot of puppets are used to create some great monsters, plus great ship designs as well as the design of the Drac giving them an aquatic reptilian look and having areas of their face pulse. So glad this wasn’t done with CGI and predated CGI.

Dracs – I’ll explore them more in the Drac characters who are both pros…but they have a rich society and celebrate a great philosopher, have Elders who guide them and are asexual reptilian beings who are also amphibious as they love the water. Great idea, concept and execution with the alien species.

Jeriba “Jerry” Shigan – Is our glimpse into Drac culture and biology. They are asexual and reproduce without a partner. They have a religious leader who is similar to Moses or Jesus who preaches love and tolerance and lineage is the most important thing to them. Jeriba gives us the glimpse into that as we see him protect Willis during the first comet storm and after Willis builds a house and apologizes for disrespecting his faith he shares his story eventually opening up that he is pregnant. Winter comes and he is attacked by the beast he saved Wilis from and Willis returns the favor but it is too late as the planet is deadly and Jerry is sick. Jeriba is still able to have his child Zammis. It is Zammis where we see his tenderness as he cared so much for the child he had no choice but to have. He asks Wills to care for Zammis before dying. Louis Gossett jr. did an amazing job in this role and gave humanity to a very alien other from the unique species of the Drac.

Zammis – Bumper Robinson does a good job as Zammis. Zammis is all curiosity who goes through the journey of learning who he is as he only had a human Willis as a caretaker “Uncle” as he called him. He trusts him and plays the role well as his curiosity gets him caught by the miners and he is put in a cage…but not before talking to one of the Dracs and showing them there are good humans. His growing up with Willis shows the hope for the future of not growing up prejudice as when he lead his lineage he includes Willis in it.

Willis Davidge – Dennis Quaid does a fantastic job in this! He starts out as the hot headed, hot shot pilot who puts his fellow pilots at risk as he seeks revenge against the Drac pilot who shot down his friend but grows from there. He tries killing Jerry with fire at first but after Jeriba saves his life he begins to slowly trust him after his reactions of hate are dealt with patiently and when he finds the similarities in their philosophies. This eventually leads to him being saved and saving Jeriba on multiple occasions leading to him learning Jeriba’s lineage to recite for Zammis before the Elders. He fully embraces this and after he is saved by the BTA leaves it all behind to save Zammis and stop the evil humans who have enslaved the Drac on the planet. His arc is great and you see that he becomes a whole person through his connecting with someone who at fist is alien to him. This is a bit theme in sci. fi. and this film does it really well.

Knowing the Other – This exploration of the Other is done by both Willis and Jeriba. The first connections that happen are connections of survival…avoiding the meteor storms, this grows as Willis builds a house for them and resents it until he connects over learning the language and teaching his language. The next step is finding help so they can both be saved, but after he finds nothing but the miner scavengers he returns and cares for Jeriba and learns he is pregnant. It is later when they are running after losing their home that the friendship formed is recognized and Willis must care for Zammis Jeriba’s son. This is the final thing as he has learned the Drac’s aren’t evil and Jeriba has learned in turn. Zammis is the next generation raised without hate who incorporates an outsider into his lineage. These are the many ways building  bridges with those who are different can occur among individuals, societies and cultures. It starts with the little things but becomes more than an alliance when the important aspects of family, philosophy, and love are shared.

Okay: Bilateral Terran Alliance Base – The crew don’t feel fully fleshed out. Willis’s co-pilot liked someone they made fun of but that is the extent of character development. They are serviceable though and their ship designs are cool. They have a Star Wars feel to them mixed with a Boeing Plane.

Soundtrack – Isn’t super memorable. Can’t really recommend it. It isn’t bad but it doesn’t make the scenes stronger.

Minor characters – Whether it’s the pilots, the miners or even some random Drac near the end…no one really stood out. They all kind blend together as ideas of characters rather than characters in their own right. It isn’t bad and they serve their purpose, but they aren’t a pro.

The Cons: The Miners – There are a group of smuggler miners who are just bad. There is nothing about them that makes them compelling and there motivations seem weak given that they have ships that can travel far. They enslave the Drac and seem to mostly be there to reveal that the humans are bad. I wish they’d been handled better as slavery is a clearly morally wrong. There was nothing grey about these guys and they weren’t that much of a threat.

     If you like science fiction and the different “Star Treks” you will like this film most likely. They cover similar ideas of connecting with the Other and the characters change. No one is static. Circumstances and choices change the characters and no one is the same from the experiences that are undergone. The main cast does a great job too, though most of the support characters are pretty forgettable. In the end it’s the creation of the Drac and their relationship to Willis that drives the plot and that is done beautifully. The ways to connect with those who may seem different at first are explored from so many different directions and it is done really well. I definitely recommend it.

Final Score: 9 / 10. Solidly great.

The First Sci. Fi. Movie Week


One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Science Fiction is the ability it has to create wonder. Whether it is the “Star Treks” or “2001: A Space Odyssey” or countless other films these universes that draw from our own give us the chance to look towards a brighter future. This week I’ll be reviewing a few of these films that all explore the many themes that make up Science Fiction.

Whether it’s aliens and building bridges in “Enemy Mine,” Time and space in “Interstellar,” Artificial Intelligence of “Robot & Frank” or the idea behind first contact in “Contact.” All these have different themes that when I review I will tie them to their science fiction roots as well as exploring the ways they go beyond it, if they do.

If you’ve been reading the blog you have no doubt seen how the future and unknown have functioned as an inspiration for me, especially when those possible futures are tied to the relevant present. To me that is what made “Star Trek” and so many other great sci. fi. films and television shows great.

In the case of the films I’m reviewing this week, they were requested on my facebook and had the most interest attached to them. If there are films or themed weeks you are interested in seeing, feel free to request in the comment section. I’m always looking for more ideas, concepts, films and television shows to explore or re-explore if they are favorites or were favorites was younger.

So without further ado, let Sci. Fi. Movie Week begin.

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 21 – “The Trap of M’Quve” – The Cost of Loss

The Trap of M'Quve

We continue our bleak journey of loss in “The Trap of M’Quve.” “The Trap of M’Quve” was directed by Shinya Sadamitsu and written by Yoshihasa Arika.

The story is the title, M’Quve is angry at how The Trojan Horse is continuing to destroy his bases so he sets a trap to get them destroyed with his Particle Cannon. Around this time Mr. Bright has fallen into a stupor from exhaustion and sadness over the death of Ryu leaving Mirai in charge of commanding the Trojan Horse. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: M’Quve – M’Quve is a great enemy, from leaving bombs all over the Trojan Horse that injure it and the engine, to attacking it with fighters to lure it in to the area of the particle cannon. He accomplishes everything and White Base 7 only wins by faking their own destruction with Smoke Bombs.

Amuro – Takes control this time on the battlefield and manages to destroy the particle cannon in the end. He is the one who realizes that their dwelling on Ryu is making them not find power in themselves or think things through. For once he’s one of the clearer thinkers in an episode.

Sayla – Besides Amuro Sayla is the one trying to make a difference and keeping her cool. It’s her advice to Mirai that usually got disregarded as Sayla saw the bigger picture. She was the one who should have commanded, not Mirai.

Con: Mirai – She makes a bunch of mistakes and doesn’t even think like the pilot she is. This is a shame as this was her chance to shine but instead she caves to the sadness over Mr. Bright’s illness and the death of Ryu. This is understandable, but not in the face of extermination.

The Crew – There was hardly any leadership displayed in this episode and that falls on the crew. M’Quve almost had things too easy because of the Trojan Horse’s incompetence.

This was a good episode on dealing with the loss of Ryu but not the best epsidoe for the crew as the Trojan Horse is now grounded and can only be saved by outside help. I like that this shows they aren’t unstoppable I just wish a bigger enemy like Char or one of the Zabi family had been the one to do the deed.

Final Score: 7.8 / 10

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 14 – “Time, Be Still” – Defending the Gundam

Time, Be Still Ep 14

“Time, Be Still” is an episode that shows smart thinking on the part of a rag tag group of Zeon soldiers and also further exploring the breakdown of Amuro’s psyche. The episode was written and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino and also directed by Shinya Sadamitsu.

The story involves Zeon bases attack and laying of bombs on the Gundam. From there the story involves Amuro racing against the clock to get all the bombs off before they destroy him and his Gundam as he was lured into the trap when he saves Lt. Matilda from the attack from Zeon forces.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Zeon Base – The soldiers in this are smart and we get to see them use their limited supplies to almost win against Amuro and his Gundam, as they lure him into the forest and manage to lay the mines all over him. They also mange to injure Lt. Matilda’s supply ship too. They later come dressed as civilians when moving the base to see who was the pilot and crew who outsmarted them.

Lt. Matilda – We see that she might have feeling for Amuro but is professional and reminds him and the crew of their duty. She also gives the possibly bad news of the Federation eventually sending an officer to command over Mr. Bright, since he is just an ensign. The Federation isn’t the best of allies.

Amuro – We see his obsession of duty almost lead to his own death when he decides he alone will take off the bombs since it is his Gundam. The crew comes through for him in the end, but I don’t think he realizes all the support that is around him and the folks in the same boat.

Con: Fraw Bow – She’s jealous of Matilda, this is getting kind of annoying. She hasn’t had any romantic moments with Amuro or showed she’s interested. She needs to do something or layoff Amuro’s interest in Matilda.

This was a good episode, it isn’t quite as tied to the overall arc the way others are since it is more travel and random Zeon enemies…but there is more moments with Matilda and Amuro and we see the further destruction of Amuro’s psyche.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 8 – “Winds of War” – Attack Behind Enemy Lines and the Human Side of War

Winds of War

This was a great episode and one of my favorites for sure. We once again get to see growth and character relationships explored, as well as the complexity of the people on both sides of the war.

“Winds of War” is the 8th episode of Season 1 and was directed by Shinya Sadamitsu and written by Kenichi Matsuzaki.

The story involves the tactics and outcome of a temporary ceasefire where civilians are dropped off who want to return to their ancestral homes, White Base 7 puts Amuro and his Gundam behind the lines for the inevitable attack from Garma. From here the story unfolds.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Kai – Kai gets an awesome Gundam in this, a Guncannon which is a gundam with two cannons on it’s shoulders. He panics at first but comes through when Amuro fights for him. This is one of his moments of awesome for sure.

Amuro – Goes behind enemy lines and ends up attacking a plane when it discovers him behind the lines. Luckily he doesn’t kill the pilot as the pilot and one of the civilian woman connect as he’d dropped supplies for her. Amuro is fantastic in this one and shows the Gundam at it’s strongest.

Mirai – Does some great piloting that causes the Zeon pilots to accidentally hit their own tanks. This is the time we’ve seen her really shine in her role and she also stands up to the Lieutenant commanding White Base 7.

White Base 7 – We see everyone working together and Sayla motivating Kai to fight on and take risks for them. She also keeps communication up between Amuro in the base which helps them reach eventual victory over Garma’s forces.

Garma – We see his arrogance and learn that it his wealth that played a part in it, at least according to Char. He asks for Char to join him in the next battle and wants to reek vengeance on White Base 7 for his astounding defeat.

Char – We see him help even if he’s okay with Garma failing as he does look down on Garma for his wealth and privileged. Their relationship is complex and interesting as they seem to be almost frenemies.

Gundams! – So many Gundams this episode, Amuro’s Gundam, Guncannon and Guntank. The Zeon’s got to make some to counter since at this point the Red Comet is the only Gundam that is standing any chance against the Federation’s Gundams.

The Human Cost – The Zeon pilot and civilian woman and son connecting is one of the small beautiful moments that really made this episode strong. Especially when she reaches her ancestral home with them and the sadness she feels. She makes a good point to about no matter who wins there will be lives lost and families torn apart from the conflict.

For me this was a perfect “Mobile Suit Gundam” episode and one I can’t recommend enough. It shows the humanity on both sides as well as providing good character development and action. Matsuzaki did a great job writing this episode.

Final Score: 10 / 10. Perfect “Mobile Suit Gundam” episode.

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Garma Strikes” – The Manipulations of Char

Garma Strikes

“Garma Strikes,” is the 6th episode of Season 1 and was written by Masaru Yamamoto and directed by Hideyoshi Ojika.

The story involves the outcome of Char’s plan to push White Base 7 into Zeon space where Garma is waiting to attack. Garma attacks and the story goes forward from there as tensions are high on White Base 7 and everyone is exhausted. We also learn that Char had another reason for inviting Garma to get the glory of the attack on White Base 7.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: Amuro – This episode shows the cost that constant fighting is having on Amuro’s psyche, since at one point when it looks like they are outgunned and going to lose, he goes berserk, killing all the Zeon occupational forces he comes in contact with in his Gundam. The episode ends with him curled up in his bed and you realize that he now a victim of the trauma of a war he never wanted to be a part of.

Garma – Garma is arrogant, but it’s well deserved. He is winning through most of the battle and only loses because he doesn’t predict the Special Gundam that Amuro is flying. He points this out to Char and asks for his help, not realizing that he is now a pawn in Char’s game as all Garma wants to do is impress his sister who is a superior officer above him.

Char – We learn in this one he wanted Garma to lose so that he wouldn’t lose face with Zeon and would still be trusted as the main force against the Federation. You see how deftly he uses Garma to when Garma asks for his help at the end and you find that Char had everything go exactly to plan. He got to hurt the Federation, have his friend and rival Garma lose face, and be the leader once again when Garma admitted defeat.

Okay: White Base 7 – We see  cooperation again, but no one really stands out. It’s a bit to predictable, there is resistance between what should be done but in the end everyone listens to Mr. Bright and the forces engage the Zeon occupational force when they realize there isn’t a way out of the trap. Dialogue and actions were predictable. So not bad, just not good either.

This was a good episode, mostly because of Amuro and the Zeon side of things. If you want to see Garma and explore his character and Char, this is a great episode for it.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10. It is really good.

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 4 – “Escape from Luna II” – When the Government is the Enemy

Escape from Luna II


This was a fascinating episode and does more to cover the complexity of war, which “Mobile Suit Gundam” is quite adept at. The episode was written by Masaru Yamamoto and directed by Shinya Sadamitsu.

The story involves White Base 7 arrival at Luna Base II. It is here that the man in charge Wakkein has all conscripted personal from White Base arrested for seeing the secret Trojan Horse Cruiser and the Gundam. From here the story unfolds as Char leads a successful assault upon the base leading to dire consequences later.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The theme – The government during war time can help as much as hinder you as seen by Wekkein who arrests them because of military protocol. Protocol that the crew of White Base 7 has been ignoring because they’ve needed all people and weapons just to survive assaults on Zeon. This soon comes to a head as Wakkein must make a choice after Captain Paolo explains the situation.

Wakkein – This man is a soldier confined by the rules and the rules almost cost him the base, he understands this and makes the choice to support them all in the end in the final assault, even when it means destroying his cruiser The Magellan. He also holds off on alerting Earth as he’s learned empathy from the experience.

Amuro – Shows why he is the protagonist again as it is he and Bright who are plotting the escape and how to rescue all the refugees on the base during Char’s attack. He also holds his own against Char’s Red Comet and another Zeon Mobile Suit. He does a good job and at the end after Captain Paolo dies he wonders where his father is…showing the loss of war.

Mr. Bright – Bright is the one who convinces Wakkein to destroy his own ship and to help them in the fight against Char and Zeon forces. He proves himself as a leader once more and you can see why Captain Paolo put him in charge while he was sick and injured.

Fraw Bow – Looks over the refugees and brings them to the ship for the escape. She is pretty much functioning as the civilian leader at this point.

Char – Does anymore need to be said? He does a sneak attack on Luna Base II leading to the weapons and army of Luna Base II being incapacitated, the only reason he doesn’t win is the destruction of the Magellan destroys one of his mobile suits in the fight and the fact that Amuro’s mobile suit adapts and learns on it’s own. By default he is the underdog fighting an enemy that can adapt to any of his attacks. He still manages to reek havoc on the Base though before his retreat.

The Death of Captain Paolo – With Captain Paolo’s death the colony lost an advocate who could fight for them against Federation bureaucracy, they are the rag tag team of survivors and are fully on their own. His death is powerful and means something. I didn’t write about his character before because Bright took over his role, but what he means we learn in this episode…and he means a lot. R.I.P. Captain Paolo.

This was a solid episode that shows how those who mean to help and also the rules can hinder. Wakkein is a victim of circumstances who doesn’t learn how to bend the rules until he has too and until he experiences first hand what the refugees know for real. This is powerful and definitely one of my favorite episodes. Good guest character, consequences at the end of the battle (Paolo’s death) and the journey continues to the Federation’s headquarters at the Earth.

Final Score: 10 / 10. It accomplishes all it set out to do.

The 12th Doctor – Series 8, Episode 4 – “Listen” – The Power of Fear


“Fear doesn’t have to make you cruel and cowardly. Fear can make you kind.” – The Doctor

“Listen,” is a great episode, I’m just going to say that now. It has some of the best Moffat writing and really shows the potential and promise for the rest of the season. Speaking of which, Steven Moffat was the writer of this episode and Douglas Mackinnin directed. They did fantastic.

The story shows us the Doctor’s curiosity as it begins with the Doctor wondering if there is someone or something there under the bed and just out of sight as he’s read about the dream throughout time and experienced it for himself. This also happens when Clara is going on her first date with Danny Pink, and the story unfolds from there.


Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Tone – The tone is one of reflecting and fear. The Doctor is thinking about fear and trying to discover if there is a creature it is tied too. This leads to his usual recklenessness (Clara tapping into the Psychic link to the TARDIS to find her first memory of it) and his actions on the last planet in the Universe.

The Cinematography – The cinematography captures the epic scale of what the episode covers and shows us the personal and universalness of the emotion of fear. Mackinnon did a great job directing.

Danny Pink – Danny is in this episode briefly at the end where he and Clara make up, and during the date where there is romantic tension, but where they both aren’t very socially aware. Fear has paralyzed them rather than forcing them to action. This is sorted by the end as they both learn kindness from their fears of failing each other. We also meet Danny as a child as Clara has a link to him from the date and she and the Doctor help him face the mysterious creature under the covers and letting it leave the room. It’s a great scene and we learn Danny was an orphan.

Clara – We see her awkwardness here in her first date with Danny, her connecting with the their descendant who is also a time traveler who gives her the soldier without a gun that she gave to Danny as a child and that she later gives to the Doctor as a child. She is active in this and reminds the Doctor that fear is important, as his lack of fear and curiosity almost gets him killed on the last planet in the Universe. This is another great Clara episode as she is connected to the Doctor but still her own person, she isn’t the Doctor’s McGuffin like in “Name of the Doctor.”

The Doctor – I’m saying the Doctor as a whole cause though Capaldi is amazing, this story is bigger than him. We get a glimpse into his childhood as he is afraid of the dark and his own fears and demons that haunt him so he chooses to sleep in a barn. The young Doctor is always in shadow, but he has long hair like the 1st Doctor. It is similar to when we saw the young Master, and just as if not more powerful as he chooses later to return to the barn as the War Doctor to make his big choice. We see his curiosity as we visit a young Danny Pink and his ancestor who it implies is related to Clara. The Doctor is the soldier so brave, he fights without a gun. He faces his fears armed only with his mind and in that succeeds.

The Message – Like the quote above, fear can make us kind as we realize what it is that is making us vulnerable and afraid. Fear can make us fight for the ones we love and fear can make us superheroes and make us run and fight faster and harder than we would (as expressed by the Doctor to a young Danny).

The Mystery – Something was under Danny’s bed, so there is a creature or creatures most likely still out there. Not knowing in this case serves the story, like in Series 4 and “Midnight” where we never find out what creature was haunting the train and possessing people and the Doctor.

This is perfect Moffat. He does the tone and mystery and making you scared of what you don’t see and having a bigger purpose. He turns associations of fear on it’s head and show how fear can be a positive. We also get amazing Clara, Doctor and Danny development. I highly recommend this episode.

10 / 10. Moffat at his best and in his element.

Mobile Suit Gundam – Season 1, Episode 3 – “Vote to Attack” – Learning Teamwork

Gundam episode 3

We continue our reviews of “Mobile Suit Gundam” with episode 3, “Vote to Attack.” This episode was directed by Hideyoshi Ojika and Yoshiyuki Tomino, and written by Yoshihisa Araki.

The story is one of choice, should White Base attack the Zeon’s and Char when they are restocking, or make their way to Luna Base II. The decision is made to attack and the story explores the consequences of that as the crew rises to the challenge and making sense of one another.

Here is the assessment of the episode:

The Pros: The Characters

Sayla Mass – We see in this that Sayla Mass is the one holding Captain Bright to the fire so that he doesn’t assume privilege over others. They clash, which is great to see as she is the communications officer, which usually in sci. fi. means they are regulated to love interest or passive person sending out commands. Not so in Sayla Mass’s case.

Kai – Kai is a character who starts out a coward but rises to attack White Base when he sees Amuro is need and that they’ll be destroyed if Char has the chance to resupply. He is still arguing the entire time, but I guess that’s his character. He actually takes action in this episode and contributes showing how the experience of every person needed is changing him.

Captain Bright – Clashes with Sayla but is aware of the crew because of it, has the choice to attack the supply ship put up to a vote and fully contributes to protecting the ship from Zeon forces.

Commander Char – Char is once again a great enemy as we see him care for his men and take the practical approach as he collects supplies and puts his ego aside while the Captain of the supply ship attacks in his Mobile Suit which costs him his life. This was an episode of him getting the weapons he needs and further testing Amuro and Amuro’s Gundam. He does manage to get the supplies in the end, though the supply ship is lost. We also learn that Zeon forces are overextended and Char is on his own.

Amuro – We see him work in coordination with others and how it pays off as they succeed in destroying the supply ship. He also learns just how much better Char is than him and it is only the strength of the Gundam keeping him alive. He also hates that Captain Bright shows him no respect. At the end of the episode he says he wants to punch the Captain.

Okay: Mirai – Leading at the helm and piloting the main ship she is mostly just there like before. She hasn’t gotten a good chance to be explored but she does remind Captain Bright of the choice he faces.

Ryu – The Core Fighter pilot and forgets to turn off his radio, was the only surviving pilot so became one by default. Is still out of his league and needs to be explored more. Mostly the rookie in a support role at this point.

This is the episode where the crew comes together and actually manages to hurt Zeon and Char. It is a great episode and one that shows the tension between characters, Char is shown to see the big picture once again and the crew begins to find their footing and work as a team. I definitely recommend.

Final Score: 8.8 / 10. Some characters could have been explored more.