Sword Art Online – Episode 22 – “Grand Quest” – The Show’s Lannister Moment

SAO ep 22

    One of the odd things the second art of this show did was have Kirito’s sister in the family he was adopted into completely crush on him. This is the episode where we see where all that goes as they finally learn who they are in the game and have to deal with the reality of it. It’s actually handled pretty well, especially after the worst of things that was last episode.

    The story involves Kirito taking on the Guardians in the World Tree alone and dying in the process. After Leafa rescues him he tells her Asuna is above leading to her realizing who he is after she confesses too. From here they have to deal with their relationship.

The Pros: The Guardians – The Guardians are weak, but there are so many of them that they equal a boss. They have great designs and look like Fairy Knights with lances and bows and arrows. They also manage to kill Kirito pretty quick.

Kirito’s Death – This is where Kirito realizes he needs help and that he just assumed he’d be good at this game because he was at “Sword Art Online.” It is a great wake up call for him.

Leafa/Suguha – Rescues Kirito so he won’t respawn at the beginning and learns that Asuna is who he is trying to save leading to her logging off after she had confessed her love to him. Complete Lannister moment as Kirito’s neutral face can be taken lots of ways.

Kirito/Kazuta – Kazuta does the best he can after the confession and when she says that the feelings developed for Kirito so she’d get over him it just got worse and that it all started when she learned he was adopted. It was very “Legally Blonde” in a lot of ways since it never got as bad as Cersei and Jamie.

   I guess there is this beat before we jump into the abyss of some of the worst of anime again so I’ll give this episode credit where it is due. Also it’s great to finally see their relationship develop and Suguha finally have the chance to deal with her feelings.

Final Score: 9 / 10