Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 20 – “The Lunar Base Infiltration” – What is Done for the Mission


This was a great episode at showing just how costly sticking to a mission can be and not allowing oneself to change. We see this in the actions of Lady Une, in Trowa and in Heero as they are the main characters who we really get glimpses into this episode. I’ll get into more of what I mean later in the review.

The episode was directed by Kunihiro Mori and Nobuyoshi Nishimura and written by Katsuhiko Chiba.

“The Lunar Base Infiltration,” begins with Trowa as one of Lady Une’s test pilots who is chosen to be the pilot for the Gundams the captured Colony Scientists are building. Lady Une speaks to him privately which gives him the chance to critique OZ which begins to break the illusion she’s been embracing as the diplomat and around the time Heero does his attack attempting to destroy the nearly finished Gundam.

The Pros: OZ’s Gundams – OZ has two new Gundams and they are awesome! There is the red Mercurius with an unstoppable shield and Vayaete a blue gundam with the largest beam cannon. Can’t wait to see these two in action against the 6 pilots.

Sally Po and the Magunacs – Both of them are trying to get to the Gundams, Sally to destroy it because she knows it is what Wufei would want and the Magunacs to repair since it is what Quatre would want. After a heated battle they reach an understanding and go their separate ways with respect for each other and the pilot’s whose ideologies they follow.

Trowa – Trowa is a great character in this as we see him subverting Lady Une by revealing OZ for what it is…an organization that values craftyness and guile over morality and because of this he would make a good pilot. He also does what he needs to do to remain undercover, from capturing Heero to destroying Deathscythe.

Deathscythe’s Destruction – Poor Duo screams when he sees it live. He just lost a huge part of his identity this episode.

Lady Une – Lady Une is torn with OZ’s military holding her to that role where she has no empathy, and the role Treize has put her in as the diplomat. She is torn because of this and it nearly breaks her when Trowa speaks truth about OZ.

Okay: The scientists – Again, they don’t have distinct identities, and it’s unknown how they are going to use the new Gundams against OZ.

Heero – He only appears at the end and attempts to destroy Mercurius and fails before Trowa captures him.

This was a good character episode and is beginning to show the tole of the war on a lot of the characters…from Trowa joining OZ, Heero willing to go to any lengths to succeed in the mission and Lady Une’s split personality…and we’re only 20 episodes in. Things are just going to keep unfolding.

Final Score: 8.6 / 10.


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 17 – “Betrayed By Home, Far Away” – The Pilots Alone



One of the things that makes “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” so great is that the factions aren’t entirely clear. It reminds me of “Game of Thrones” in many ways because of that. In this episode we see one of the leaders of the Colonies speak against the Gundam pilots and that the Colonies are against their actions. Unlike “Mobile Suit Gundam” sides aren’t always clear and in the end, even the pilots cannot really be called good.

“Betrayed by Home, Far Away” was directed by Tetsuya Watanabe, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Katsuhiko Chiba.

The story picks up with Duo and Quatre trying to get the attention of the other Gundams to show them that they need to get into space and back to the Colonies, since OZ has been doing a subtle conquest of the Colonies as they overthrow Alliance control. Lady Une is leading the conquest and as she captures each Colony is capturing the scientists who invented the Gundams to learn how to defeat them.

The Pros: Lady Une – Lady Une is shown to be a master of propaganda as she quickly wins over the young and eager Colonial leader of Area D. We see that she is still willing to go any length to defeat OZ’s enemies though as when Dr. J resists she is prepared to harm civilians to kill him, which leads to him surrendering.

The Gundam Pilots – We see a coming together of the Gundam pilots when Quatre and Duo force a call to action, which leads to the arrival of Wufei and Trowa. In the end Quatre sacrifices his Gundam so they can escape to the colonies setting everything in motion for the next arc of the story. He still remains on Earth though.

The Scientists – The scientists are acting alone and are the main threat against OZ as the Colonies are just happy to be no longer controlled by the Alliance. They put up a good fight and in the end cause interference that leads to the Gundams arriving safely back in the colonies.

Okay: The Colonies – The colonies still don’t have complete names or identities. These details would help the story a lot. So far the only separation between the Colonies is the fact that each scientist was creating a Gundam on their own.

This wasn’t the strongest of the episodes, as it was mostly action, but it is still worth checking out. How things are going to unfold on the Colonies remains to be seen but the fact that they aren’t sympathetic towards the Gundams overall could lead to some good drama, especially if OZ doesn’t mess up the goodwill they established in liberating the people from the Alliance.

Final Score: 8.5 / 10.


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 16 – “The Sorrowful Battle” – A Reason to Live


“The Sorrowful Battle” is a tale of broken soldiers. It is here we learn more of Zechs’s motivation and what drives him and that he is just as invested in any cause he takes up as the Gundam pilots. It is for this reason his fight with Heero is so illuminating for him. For many facing Heero is how they discover their own reasons for living or fighting.

The episode was directed by Kunihiro Mori and Nobuyoshi Nishimura and written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa.

The episode begins with Zechs meeting Noin, Trowa and Heero and treating them kindly before it all agreed upon that they need to fight. They can only see that they are on opposing sides and the fight is all they have to live for. What changes things though is the arrival of Relena who is connected to them both and when Noin reveals the truth of Zechs’s relationship to her the story unfolds.

The Pros: Relena – She takes action and prevents Zechs and Heero from destroying each other. Relena sees the big picture and that OZ and the Romafeller Organization are the true enemies of peace and that the pilots are just tools but moral tools. It is the willingness to end Zechs to do so that leads to Noin confessing her love for Zechs to Relena and to Zechs switching sides and fighting OZ for all the colonies. Relena points out to Noin that she is on the wrong side too and makes Noin realize that she is following Zechs truly, not OZ. Best Relena episode so far.

Noin – Respects Zechs’s choice to fight and defend them all and helps him find his reason to fight again. She is great too and helps make peace between Relena and Zechs as well as giving the information of them being siblings and the pain behind Zechs’s backstory and why he felt lost after the horrors that OZ began committing that were counter to his Sanc ideals.

Trowa and Heero – Trowa upgrades Heavyarms for Heero and helps him fight against Zechs making them evenly matched. You can tell how much their friendship has grown at this point and there are a lot of subtle moments of affection between them. They also make the escape with Noin when Zechs promises to fight Heero later and goes to face the army of OZ for the colonies.

Zechs and Heero – Zechs and Heero are two soldiers so filled with guilt from the blood on their hands they just want to die. It takes Relena’s arrival and the letter for Heero to change his mind and to gives Zechs reason to fight for Relena as she fights for the colonies and peace. It’s a powerful scene as he leaves in Tallgeese to take on the OZ invasion force.

To Defend Another – Zechs’s character arc in this episode is his becoming a knight. Before he was nothing more than an OZ mercenary he realizes, especially as the Romafeller ideals run counter to Sanc ideals. This leads to his changing sides at the end and defending the Gundam Pilots, his lover Noin and his sister Relena. Zechs becomes the Knight and finds his purpose again.

This was a great action episode and had some of the best Gundam action in the series. It also had a great character arc for Zechs and Heero and gave them a chance to grow beyond their brokenness as others had forgiven them and wanted to give them a reason to fight for peace. In that way the episode is akin to a beautiful and sad waltz between Zechs and Heero as they learn the greater purpose of the dance they have all been apart of.

Final Score: 10 / 10. The Perfect Gundam Wing episode.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 15 – “To the Battleground Antarctica” – Romafeller Betrayal


      You can’t trust the Romafeller Organization, though that was true after last episode. At this point they have adopted the Zion role that Zion played in “Mobile Suit Gundam.” They are royalist fascists who care nothing for honor or ability which puts them at a stark contrast to Noin and Zechs who they turn against this episode.

     “To the Battleground Antarctica” was directed by Tsukasa Dokite, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Toshifumi Kawase.

     The episode picks up where the last one left off with Heero leaving the home of the last Noventa and being picked up by Noin who tells them that Zechs wants to meet them and promises them safe passage. Around this time Relena learns that Heero accidentally killed the Noventa leader during OZ’s coup and seeks out the wife of the leader who sends her a letter to give to Heero as she was seeking Heero too. Inspector Acht attacks them in transit and Trowa and Heero are forced to make a choice of either letting Noin die to remain undiscovered to to do the right thing and reveal the Gundams are near Zechs.

The Pros: Noin – She fights for her soldiers and is loyal to Zechs and his goals as well as very much being her own person. She holds the Gundam pilots responsible but also respects them and understands them as she is a pilot herself though she hasn’t been through the same level of trauma they have.

Zechs – He wants to meet the pilots even though it puts him at risk. My respect for this character continues to increase.

Trowa – Trowa is the focus as he decides against his judgement to save Noin and the soldier she is protecting from Romafeller forces. We see that he has regret though as we have no idea of Inspector Acht was able to get his message that the Gunams were in Antarctica out in time. Suffice to say he feels guilt though, which is what he’s been living with this entire time, much like Heero. Those two are similar.

Okay: Relena – She’s researching and being active but we aren’t seeing her play politics yet. After last episode this one felt very small in comparison.

Heero – Somewhat counsels Trowa but is mostly just standing ideally by morosely.

The Cons: Inspector Acht – Wants to defeat the Gundams to show he is the best but panics when Heavyarms appears. This character was just a waste, and he was supposed to be a person of power too.

     This episode has a lot of setups. We see the guilt the pilots live with and that they will do the right thing even when they put themselves and the colonies at risk, we see that Zechs is more complicated than he appears to be, as is Noin and that the war is slowly breaking everyone down.

Final Score: 8 / 10. Solidly good, but not great.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 14 – “The Order to Destroy 01” – Forms of Resistance


   The Order to Destroy 01″ was a great episode that showed how different groups are resisting OZ and their benefactors The Romafeller Foundation as they are now fully ascended and embracing the philosophy of the corrupt Alliance to control the Galaxy. It’s a good episode that gives us a glimpse into a lot of characters as well as introducing a few new ones as well.

    The episode was directed by Yasunao Aoki and Nobuyoshi Nishimura and written by Akemi Omode.

    The episode begins with the Romafeller Foundation throwing a conference to talk about their plans for world domination through force when Relina arrives with Noin and acts as a counter to Treize who is promoting the Romafeller philosophy. It is here we learn that they want Gundam 01 destroyed since they see Zechs as a threat and what the Gundam symbolizes as a threat too. Around this same time Heero and Trowa are making their escape with Heavyarms out of the city that is under Alliance control but under heavy assault by OZ.

The Pros: Relena – Relena isn’t afraid anymore and has become quite an awesome character! In her get up she speaks truth to facists and is only shut down for her protection, suffice to say though that this was a sign of things to come as she advocates for the colonies and for the heroism of the Gundam Pilots.

Treize – Treize is the mystery still but we see that he is only using Romafeller, especially sinec it’s implied he doesn’t want Zechs’s power to be reeled in, he’s rooting for Zechs to be successful. Which is strange he’s working for an organization that hates Zechs. I could see another rebellion in the works with the overthrowing of the Romafeller Agency if Treize’s track record is anything to go off of.

Noin – Noin is reason to Relena’s idealism and she is going to help her become fully rounded. I like her character too since she’s a soldier but doesn’t agree with the Romafeller ideals. She believes in Zechs and Treize.

Heero – Heero is the dark Heero who advises Trowa once more to follow his emotion, he does this too with Sylvia Noventa, whose father was a man fighting for peace who Heero accidentally killed in the shuttle. He gives her his gun and only lives because she lets him live and wants him to find another way to Atone. This example is helping Trowa to find himself too beyond revenge and wanting death for himself.

Trowa – Trowa defends the Alliance when he is undercover trying to escape the city without OZ seeing him and it is thanks to his help the Alliance survives the battle, though they don’t know it’s him. He is active and even now has become a symbol of something greater. I think that will play a part later as so much of Trowa’s arc is finding purpose beyond death.

Zechs – Zechs destroys a fake Gundam 01 for the Romafeller Foundation and we learn that he greatly respects the Gundam Pilots and doesn’t agree with the Romafeller foundation (which makes sense given they want to oppress everywhere which includes the Sanc Kingdom where he wants Relena to rule). He gets an update on Relena from Noin which shows that everything he is doing now is for her and their nation.

Okay: Romafeller Foundation – They are bunch of nobility from Europe who are fascists. Beyond Treize being a member of them they have no depth but are an interesting idea. Curious how their story is going to unfold, but they aren’t a pro at this point.

The Cons: Sylvia Noventa – She functions more as a plot device to let Heero live and to find a reason to live. I never believed she’d shoot Heero and she was way too kind. It just didn’t feel believable and her character felt really flat.

    This was a great episode that did a lot! Romafeller introduction, Noin and Relena, Trowa and Heero development and Zechs and Treize development. A lot happened that is foreshadowing things to come. The show has also started to use the language of God with Treize believing they can rule as Gods since God is gone and doesn’t exist while Relena advocates for compassion as God cares about them all. Curious if that will go anywhere.

Final Score: 9.5 / 10

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 13 – “Catherine’s Tears” – A Soldier’s Purpose



      “Catherine’s Tears” gives us a great glimpse into Heero, Zechs and Trowa and what makes a good soldier. This idea is analyzed and we see it through these characters in contrast to the new characters we meet in this episode. For this reason and how it is executed it is definitely a favorite episode.

        The episode was directed by Takeshi Yoshimoto, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa.

         The episode picks up with Trowa ready to execute his plan against OZ, who he has discovered is preparing for another invasion of the Colonies via the plans of Lady Une. Elsewhere two OZ Gundam pilots (Alex and Mueller) who studied under Noin are being ruthless in their destruction of OZ and arrive to stock up at the base where OZ submits himself to them to prove Tallgeese to them and to himself. From here the stories unfold.

The Pros: Alex and Mueller – It seems like every anime has at least one of the type of characters that these guys are. They are sociopaths, whenever Alliance surrendered to them they just executed the survivors. This later comes back to bite them when Zechs destroys them after the Alliance surrenders to Tallgeese who quickly gets them to surrender when it is on the front lines. They are sociopaths but still care about their fellow soldiers and hate Zechs because they believe the soldier who gave his life for OZ and used Tallgeese to liberate Sanc was doing it under orders. Little did they know Zechs’s true values.

Trowa – Trowa risks his life to destroy the Alliance supplies that OZ us using to begin their invasion on the colonies. He is ready to die until Catherine reminds him that he will be missed and he’s forgetting who he is leaving behind. Giving into his emotions, he stays, which he later learns is what Heero believes in too. To follow ones emotions and keep integrity is the most a person can expect to be in Heero’s eyes.

Catherine – Catherine’s sympathy and love saves Trowa’s life and because of the perspectve she gives, even though OZ property was destroyed and the show ended the leader of the circus now respects Trowa and wishes him the best after he and Heero leave.

Zechs – Zechs is awesome and we see that above all he values the morality of soldiers and they shouldn’t just be effective at ending battles quickly, which is the philosophy of Noin since she values the lives of her soldiers over anyone else. Zechs is proven to be correct in that supporting soldiers above morality leads to sociopaths like Alex and Mueller. He has become a master of the Tallgeese now.

The Role of the Soldier – Noin believes that they should win and who they are doesn’t matter. Zechs it doesn’t matter if they die, it matters how they live. Zechs captures this better as in the end matters how a person lives not simply living, especially when you are a soldier and lives are on the line. If you are harming those who have surrendered you are worse than the enemy or on par if that is how they practice on the battlefield.

The Music – The music was great in this episode and really captured the tension of different scene and made dramatic moments greater…it did exactly what it needed to do.

     I recommend this episode for sure! I had no issues with it dealt with how a person should live as well as how complex war is and what reasons people have to die…as well as to live. This is my kind of episode as it was philosophical as well as bringing a depth that I’ve always appreciated in all the great animes, shows, films and stories.

Final Score: 10 / 10. Perfect episode.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 12 – “Bewildered Warriors” – Wufei’s Purpose

Bewildered Warriors

        “Bewildered Warriors” is a good world building episode and a great chance for us to glimpse into the mind of Wufei, as well as getting some time with Sally too! It’s a fun episode and good as a stand alone. I’ll go into more of the details of this in the assessment.

      The episode was directed by Tetsuya Watanabe,  Kunihiro Abe and Tsukasa Dokite and written by Katsuhiko Chiba.

       The episode begins with Heero hanging with Trowa at the traveling circus healing from his wounds. It is here he learns that they haven’t received any missions and OZ has been quiet…We then pick up in a country in Asia that had a peaceful leader ruling until the Alliance replaced them with Colonel Bunte who is dealing with guerrillas being lead by Sally. Wufei is pulled into one of their fights to defend them and begins facing the shame and healing he feels from losing to Treize. From here the stories unfold.

The Pros: Sally – Sally leads the guerrillas and reminds Wufei that you don’t have to be strong to be just and to fight. I really like her character as she doesn’t even let death stand in her way of doing the right thing. It is this nobility that inspired Wufei to fight again and reminds him of who he is…even if he doesn’t feel worthy to fly the Gundam.

Trowa and Heero – These two are very similar as Heero’s near suicide has Trowa considering if that is what he should do as well…which we see him follow through on doing when he hears they are going to a military base of OZ’s and we learn that his Colony voted against sending the Gundams so he can’t attack as it would put his home at risk. It makes me curious how Heero’s self destruction will inspire his next move against OZ. These two are similar in that they seem to seek death.

Wufei – Wufei sees those who are weak as unworthy and sees himself as unworthy because he lost to Treize, thankfully Sally turns this around and he helps liberate the country they are fighting in against OZ and Bunte when they are nearly wiped out and he decides standing is the only thing he can do, even if he feels unworthy. It’s a good moment and shows that his character is beginning to heal and to grow.

Okay: The Guerrillas – They are led by Sally but don’t have any motivation beyond overthrowing the corrupt ruler Colonel Bunte. This isn’t bad but we don’t know anything about them really. What is their name? What country are they in? All these details are lost.

The Cons: Colonel Bunte – He’s a baddie who has no dimension at all. He’s hated for the sake of being hated and is nothing but cruel to the people with his soldiers and to his own men when he betrays them. Makes me wish the baddies of “Mobile Suit Gundam” who usually had a lot of complexity.

    This is a solid episode, even though Colonel Bunte is a pretty one dimensional baddie, and we don’t even know the name of the country he rules. It still doe a good job of establishing OZ’s control and how they aren’t to be trusted by anyone given how quickly they turn on Bunte’s troops after he betrays them for OZ’s help against Wufei’s Gundam. It also is a great Wufei episode and gives him complexity that he badly needed, and anytime Sally pops up is usually a good sign.

Final Score: 9 / 10. Solidly great.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 10 – “Heero, Distracted by Defeat” – Victorious OZ



“Gundam Wing” has a lot more complexity in factions and characters than the original “Mobile Suit Gundam,” and we see some of this of the factions arising within OZ in regards to the different mentalities of combat and what entails victory. This made the episode intriguing, as well as us experiencing a loss very early on…We are only on Episode 10 after all.

“Heero, Distracted by Defeat,” was directed by Nana Harada, Shinichi Sakuma and Hitoshi Waraya and written by Katsuhiko Chiba.

The episode begins with a meeting of the OZ leaders (Lady Une, Noin, Treize and Zechs), from here Treize meets them all individually and puts Lady Une in charge of dealing with the rebels and the transfer of the Taurus Mobile Suits to a secure location and dividing the Colony Gundams by having a decoy band traveling by land while the read transport travels by air. From here the story unfolds as the Gundams fall into the trap.

The Pros: Zechs – Zechs shows once again why he is one of my favorite characters in this episode as he rejects his birth name and being named a Count choosing only to remain a soldier, knowing that he will have to do much more things that will make him unworthy to lead if there is ever to be peace. It is fascinating and he lets Heavyarms take Heero to safety after Heero sacrifices his Gundam to protect the colonies. He also matches Heero in the fight as he fights in Tallgeese against Gundam Wing.

Noin – Resists Lady Une throughout the episode in small ways, such as not letting her talk to Treize and shutting her down with Treize’s words as Treize disproves of her brutal and harsh methods. She also is supportive of Zechs and what he is going through during the mission.

Treize – Treize speaks Zechs true name and wants him to lead, but respects Zechs’s choice not to lead. He also puts Lady Une in charge, though why remains to be seen as she is brutal and gets the job done, but everytime it comes at a cost. The reasons he wants people to hate OZ right now has yet to be explained.

The Gundam Pilots – The Gundam pilots lose this one and Wufei doesn’t join the battle, which costs them victory. He feels unworthy after losing to Treize and the only reason they weren’t annihilated was because of Heero’s sacrifice.

Dr J. – Reveals he is behind the fight against OZ and surrenders. Whether he is telling the truth or not remains to be seen, but it shows he puts the Colonies first, and it was great seeing him again.

Okay/Con: Lady Une – Is jealous and small thinking, which is a shame because her methods of blackmailing the Colonies could be critiqued for other reasons rather than her character. She was called out afterall. Right now there isn’t anything to like about this character now, she isn’t even good to her allies. She’s a bit crazy at this point as she was ready to destroy Colonies to get them to surrender.

This episode was really good, but not a favorite. Treize and Lady Une are still vague in their motivations and the Gundam Pilots didn’t get enough exploration in this one. They have brotherhood but they didn’t get an individual chance to shine this episode. These issues brought the episode down.

Final Score: 8.5 Was really good.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 9 – “Portrait of a Ruined Country” – The Liberation of Sanc and the Cost of a Gundam


     Zechs like Char is one of my favorite characters. There is something to be said for the Undercover Exiled Prince trope, especially when they end up abandoning their ideals for the sake of the country and become fallen in the process. Zechs represents this in so many ways and this episodes truly realizes what is at stake for him and the cost it will take.

     “Portrait of a Ruined Country” was directed by Tetsuya Watanabe and Nobuyoshi Nishimura and written by Akemi Omode.

      The main plot of the episode is OZ’s liberation of the Sanc Kingdom. When OZ arrives they find Alliance forces entrenched, forcing Zechs to use Tallgeese, over the course of the battle he soon realizes that the Gundam is destroying him and he’s holding himself back. He retreats and the story unfolds from there. Elsewhere the Colony Pilots recover from how they were used.

The Pros: The Pilots Healing – Trowa and Wufei talk and Trowa helps Wufei realize he isn’t a failure. Duo and Heero slowly build the friendship and Relena finds Heero again…and Quatre apologizes to the soldiers who came with him and promises not to leave them behind again. All of them are given the chance to grow in different ways.

Noin – Noin is almost more Alliance than OZ still at times as she questions Zechs’s liberation of the Sanc Kingdom, even though she cares about him and knows it is his home. She is one person I could see changing sides later in the conflict.

Auto – Auto liberates Sanc as he realizes the Gundams exist to kill the pilots and were made for suicide missions. This leads to him risking his life to liberate the country and to honor Zechs, his mentor and friend. It’s a great minor scene and that really defines the character.

Zechs – Zechs is full of regret for abandoning the Peacecraft ideals and knows he is unfit to rule the Kingdom, so his plan is to find Relena and make the world a safe enough place for her to rule. He also is living with the regret that Auto died for him and that his body can’t take the Tallgeese. He takes off his mask when he is looking at pictures of family, but puts the mask back on when he knows he cannot rule.

The Cons: The Alliance Commander of Sanc – The leader of Sanc is just a loud military guy. There isn’t any character, which makes him a bit of a waste. He is there to be beaten and that’s it.

Final Score: 9.2 / 10. Really great and a favorite.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Season 1, Episode 6 – “Party Night” – Heero’s Heart



“Party Night” really shows how much the show is now taking off. Hope the show can sustain this. This episode shows that Relina is finally becoming a character in her own life (due to the events of last episode that makes sense) and we get to see the lives of some of the other pilots and get a glimpse into Heero’s soul. I really liked this episode, especially the reveal at the end.

The episode was directed by Nana Harada, Yoshihito Hishinuma and Masatsu Shino and written by Akemi Omode.

The episode begins with Relena confronting Heero about his past that she learned from Dr. J after she hears Heero is leaving the school. This leads to the first confrontation between them in the episode. Wufei attacks, we see Trowa’s life at the circus and Duo’s love of life as well as Lady Une’s attack to try and end Relena. These are the stories that unfold.

The Pros: Trowa – The pilots want to die, most of them do anyway. Trowa stays still when daggers are thrown at him for his job and Catherine sees that he desires death. This show is dark in so many great ways. Can’t wait to learn Trowa’s story.

Duo – Duo expresses his sympathy for how broken Heero is and his love of life and the world. He describes how beautiful the moon is from Earth and how desolate it is from the Colonies. It’s a powerful scene as we see that Duo has a reason to live beyond the war.

Lady Une – Is pretty driven and is probably going to be the main minor antagonist to the pilots as she’s willing to go to any lengths to succeed, regardless of if civilians are part of the cost. I’m curious what her relationship is like to Zechs given it was a favor Zechs asked for that lead to Treize calling off the hit.

Treize and Zechs – Zechs asks for Relena to be protected and Treize honors it because Zechs is a friend and a good soldier. The reasons  for this have yet to be fully discovered but given how Zechs is similar to Char they are probably related. The Princess Undercover (which both Sayla and to some degree Relena are, not surprised). Curious to see how it unfolds nonetheless.

Relena and Heero – Relena reveals what she learned from Dr. J and faces death without fear (like Heero) Heero can’t kill her and protects her from Lady Une. He doesn’t know why yet but it’s obvious that he isn’t completely broken and there is still good in him that Relena brings out. So glad to see Relena standing strong and Heero being more than sociopath. This is what makes this show good.

This episode hit all the right notes and I loved it. I can’t find any issues with it as the characters get exploration and we see how they relate to one another and how they reveal different parts of themselves in what they ask. This is drama.

Final Score: 10 / 10. No issues.