The Neighbors – Season 1, Episode 1 – “Meet The Neighbors” – An Atrocity of Television

The Neighbors by Wiseau

      This is awful…and I’ve seen some pretty awful films but this makes Michael Bay and others look like gold by comparison. I have no idea what Tommy Wiseau was thinking once he made this series, or how he was able to get funding for it and the fact that Hulu endorsed it. “The Room” must have really put him on the map for this atrocity of television to be created. I’ll get into the details of just how bad this show is later on, but it’s all on Tommy Wiseau.

   “Meet the Neighbors” was directed, written and produced by Tommy Wiseau.

     The story is an introduction of all the crazy people living in an apartment place and all the drama and relationships that ensue in a day in the life. I’m not going to bother listing any okays or pros because there are none. Everything after this paragraph is one of the many problems with this show and episode.

Sound Editing – Every little pop is heard and sometimes characters are talking and it just goes silent. Did Wiseau look over this at all? This feels like it was just crapped out and whatever happened he’d just keep there no matter how awful it sounded. This applies to the weird techno that is entered in throughout the episode.

Editing – The editing is terrible, certain scenes go on way too long after they have ended. The cutaways are random and don’t always work, and the electronic 80’s beat in between gets grating really fast. It’s like fingers on a chalk board.

Cinematography – The cinematography is crap. This show looks like it was filmed with a home video and if it was a website it would be geocities. Everything is jumbled and cramped and sometimes the camera isn’t even on the person talking or doesn’t show a person fully. I kind of wonder if the folks who filmed it were drunk….though that might be way too generous.

Writing – There are some really awkwardly worded sentences that make no sense and the character dialogue is just bad. From a woman who screams and wants her chicken, to a guy borrowing 20 dollars and it’s supposed to be a joke I think, the characters he plays are all awkward and what chemistry he’s supposed to have with the tenants doesn’t exist at all, same with his bro in a sports jacket. It’s clearly just Wiseau playing dress up. The writing feels what would come out of a bad porn.

The Characters – All the women are bikinis and just exist to flirt with the guys, all the guys exist to cause conflict by either asking for money, making out with the women or fighting with one another and being racist. It’s just bad television and Wiseau’s characters just kind of exist (he plays two) and even though one is the owner of the apartment he has no motivation at all, just like the rest of the cast. The show almost feels improvised but by people who have never done improve before. It was as if random people were just grabbed off the street by Wiseau and maybe put into costumes and after told they should just fight and flirt with another and that they’d be in his, “Hit new American show.” There is no humor, characters have no depth and relationships are all base level of just wanting to sleep with each other or fight.

  Seriously who approved this crap? After I watched it my brain felt like it had melted a little. Everything about this show sucks and not in the “So bad it is good way.” How did Wiseau get Hulu to air this? Who backed this? Was it made from his money from “The Room.” It really is a confusing mess whose existence should not be. If you want a glimpse into the mind of Wiseau, I guess you should check it out…but do so at your own risk.

0 / 10

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